Paul and Jenean Sabin

When I think of cherries, apples, peaches, and Sabin's Orchard, I think of Paul and Jenean Sabin.  Paul was born in Salem, and Jenean was born in Spanish fork, although her family started out in Salem.  They met on a blind date when she was a junior in high school and he was a freshman at BYU.  They doubled dated quite often and would go to the show or enjoy Salem Pond and fishing.

Paul joined the Air Force in 1956.  They were married in 1958 and have lived in Salem ever since.  Paul graduated form college in 1962 with a 4-year-degree in horticulture.  They worked for Paul's parents, Victor and Frances Sabin for 17 years before buying the orchard from them.

They moved to the "orchard - farm" in 1972.  Jenean worked right along with Paul in the orchard.  She also did some house cleaning on the sided and worked for Nebo School District.  They raised three boys; Boyd, Calvin, and Shaun; who helped with the orchard through the years.  They have 11 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.  Jenean's parents were Jack Rudd and Lola Jones from Spanish Fork.  When her father died, her mother married Russell Christensen from Salem.

Paul suffered a severe stroke in 1999.  Jenean faithfully cared for him until his passing in 2011.  During this time Shaun ran the orchard for a while.  Then Boyd and Sandra took it over.  Boyd passed away 2 months before his father.  As some of the orchard boarders Salem City Cemetery, they have worked with the city on ditch issues.  They also worked with the city on the pipeline for the new water tank just south of their property.

Jenean says she loves her neighbors.  She remembers when there was only one LDS Ward in Salem and the church was the "Old White Church" on Main Street.  As far as food, she really doesn't care for tomoatoes (or they don't like her), but she loves bread and milk.  She has been involved in genealogy since the 1990s.  She has put together several albums about Paul and is trying to write her own life history.  She likes to sew, quilt, take pictures and she taught herself to crochet.

For those who knew Paul, you know he was a fisherman; he was always fishing Salem Pond and you could find him there on opening day.  He also liked to trap and hunt.  Jenean said they both loved Salem Pond, and the area of Salem.  It is quiet with no wind.


From "Senior Spotlight", Salem City Newsletter, May 2013 -  P 3.

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