Passages: Large families: Thanksgivings. Many years of lots of noise, Lots of family around - conversations solving world's problems - crowded house - seated cheek to cheek around a large table with a "children's" table off to the side. Years pass. Those children who were seated off to one side or maybe privileged to sit a "the adult's table" have matured, married and brought new blood and in-laws into the picture. Now they visit other homes or stay in their own. The "patriarchal/matriarchal" home is no longer crowded. No longer noisy. Quiet contentment tinged with bittersweet memories flit around the room. Life has moved. A door has been stepped through. My parents and their parents before them went through this same door. Thus it was, thus it is, thus it ever shall be.  We shared a quiet Thanksgiving at our daughter and son-in-law's home, along with their son, his wife and our two very young Great-Grandchildren. All other members of our large family were elsewhere. 

PASSAGES . . . . We relish them too because they are part of life, part of God's plan. Anne & I hope all who read this had a blessed Thanksgiving. We have much to be grateful for.
The Merry Cherry Farm, Williamston, NC
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Millard Don Carriker (website) on Friday, 24 November 2017 21:04

Not a "story," rather a meditation on holidays, aging, and family.

Not a "story," rather a meditation on holidays, aging, and family.