Marie Played Baseball

Marie Played Baseball

Contributed By Jay L Young

In the sixth grade we played baseball with a mixed team, and we would go to different schools on Friday afternoon on a hay rack pulled behind a tractor or car. We played Happy Valley-Bennett-Scism-Melba-Glendale-Greenhurst. Then they would also come to Bowmont. We would yell and laugh but if we got beat then there was silence. The other school would do the same. We took championship for two years, 6th – 8th grades.  We also got to go to Lakeview Park in Nampa to play in a tournament and we were beaten by 1 run. I graduated from eighth grade at Bowmont and went to Nampa for three years.  I still played baseball during the summer time.  Of all the things I did in my schooling years, baseball was the biggest thrill


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