Make at least one prediction for the future

I think we won't have to carry a phone or computer around with us, that we will be able to simply "call up" a phone or computer in the air and be able to see it and interact with it in whatever way suits us best:  voice, touch, or eye movements. 

Automobiles, if they exist at all, will not be controlled by drivers; therefore, accidents will not occur. 

Tornadoes and hurricanes will be eliminated.

There will be one race. 

Through gene studies and manipulation, many diseases will be eliminated.  Therefore, people will live to be 150 years old.

There will be no need for organ donations since all body parts will be grown in a lab.

People will work four days a week and from home.

Blood will be manufactured so there will be no need for blood drives.

Gasoline will be a thing of the past.

Travel will be by mass transit, which is fast and reasonable.











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