Leola Rae Dalley Hatch

b2ap3_thumbnail_Leola-Hatch.jpgLeola Rae Dalley Hatch just celebrated her 90th birthday with 93 people.  She was born October 3, 1925 in Minersville, Utah in her grandparent's home.  Her parents, Leland and Zola Dalley, lived in Summit which is north of Cedar City. She is the oldest of five childredn; she had three brothers and one sister.

One day her family was traveling from Cedar City to Panguitch to find a place to move to.  They came upon a young man who was herding 40 head of cattle from Panguitch to Cedar City.  While waiting for the cattle to clear the road, they offered the young man a sandwich.  She said in those days you always packed food when you traveled.  

This young man happened to be George Hatch.  Later he said he couldn't wait for her family to move to Panguitch.  This is how she met her husband.  They were married on October 3, 1942 in the St. George Temple.  It was George's family who settled Hatch, Utah.

George passed away on February 19, 2008.  They have three girls:  Carol (Ken) Harris, Diane (Brent) Martin, and Geniel (Brian) Simpson, who all live in Elk Ridge.  She has 17 grandchildren plus spouses, and 49 great-grandchildren.  She is grateful they live so close.  Someone is always at her home, especially a grandson who helps her so much.

They lived in Logan when they were first married.  They both were attending Utah State University.  George was drafted in 1943.  He went to Camp Roberts, California.  While there he was injured during training. He spent 10 months in the hospital there.  Leola worked in the office at Camp Roberts.  He was discahrged in December 1944 and they moved to Salt Lake City; then to American Fork.  While in the service he was given an aptitude test and it indicated he would be good with watch making.  When they moved to American Fork he opened his own store.  Leola helped in the store and kept the books.  They build a home in Salem and moved into it in 1978.

George was good with his hands and made several items out of wood.  They were able to visit Israel, Egypt, Rome, and a Book of Mormon Tour with BYU.  They went on an LDS Church History Tour, and have been to New Zealand, Hawaii, enjoyed three cruises and visited a lot of states.  She is thankful they were able to travel and see these places.

Leon\la has an excellent memory.  She can remember all of her grandkids birthdays.  She has a wonderful memory of history and dates.  She loves bookkeeping, embroidery, working with plastic canvas, and reading.  Her mother tried to teach her to quilt but she is left-handed and never could learn it.

She has a deep love for President Ezra Taft Benson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He has played a vital part in their lives.  Leola's Great Uncle John E. Dalley was a Stake Patriarch in Whitney, Idaho.  He gave Brother Benson his Patriarchal Blessing.  He also gave Leola her Patriarchal Blessing when she was 12 years old.  When President Benson was Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, he called her father as the Water Facilities Specialist for the State of Utah; when he was an Apostle he ordained George a Seventy in the Church; he set her parents apart for their mission to England.  

Her great-great-grandmother is Mary Elizabeth Rollins. When Mary was 14 she, along with her sister, saved some of the pages of the Book of Commandments when a mob burned the printing shop and threw the pages out into the street.  Her great-grandmother was in the Martin Handcart Company. She certainly has a lot of history to talk about.

She has been involved in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as Ward Relief Society President three different times; Ward Primary President two times; Sunday School Secretary and Primary Teacher for a number of years.  She was President of the American Legion Auxiliary in American Fork.

She doesn't like blue cheese, but likes everything else, especially if she doesn't have to fix it.  She loves the people of Salem and the peaceful surroundings.  She is especially grateful for her neighbors.


Senior Spotlight, Salem City Newsletter, December 2015, page 3

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