Legacy Talks for Caregivers in Eldercare

Why Legacy Talks came into being:

A survey of Baby Boomers and their parents, conducted by the Allianz American Legacy Study, were asked to rank their priorities when it comes to passing down an inheritance. Despite the perceived importance these generations place on leaving a legacy, only a small fraction has made provisions to do it.


Add to this: Noted Social Psychologist, Erik Erikson postulated that there are 8 ‘stages’ or transition points in life. The 8th stage is what he terms: Ego Integrity vs. Despair. As we grow older and become senior citizens, we tend to slow down our productivity, and explore life as a retired person. It’s during this time that we reflect on our accomplishments and are able to achieve integrity if we see ourselves as leading a successful life. 


Reminiscing is not just a pastime for elders in care; the activity provides both palliative benefits and meaningful outcomes that impact their physiological and psychological wellbeing.

Legacy Talks is a project that has grown out of more than 10 years of field work with elders in care. We found that using photos to stimulate reminiscence is highly effective even when used in cases where memory challenges are present. The smart-phone app technology we developed is innovative and intuitively simple. It allows for impromptu applications that capture and share both the image and the voice of the storyteller.

Legacy Talks for Hospice and Caregivers does more than aid in the collection of precious memories from elders.

Hospice Benefits include:

  • •Significant increase in volunteer recruitment
  • •Improved and lengthened volunteer retention
  • •Comprehensive, ‘turn-key’ volunteer training program
  • •Volunteer recognition program
  • •Unique Community Outreach tools
  • •Enhanced connection with family
  • •Durable, Multigenerational connection 

Caregiver, Patient & Family Benefits:

  • •Caregiver empowered to connect with loved one in meaningful interaction
  • •Palliative benefit from reminiscing and passing on meaningful legacy
  • •Caregiver connects to and gets support from extended family
  • •Caregiver has easy to use tools to keep family informed and up to date
  • •Family can coalesce around the memorable stories of their loved one
  • •Family retains a priceless archive of Family History to pass on to future generations

Take a few moments to watch the video to understand how Legacy Talks achieves the above stated goals.  https://www.legacystories.org/about/legacy-talks


For more information please call 888-405-9840 (m-f, 9-6 et)

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