Just Lonely - By Harriet Jolley


So lonely tonight, with so much of love and life past

My memories go back--to happy busy days,

The years have slipped by me so fast.


I live it all over and over again,

When I had all my dear family with me

But now they have families of their own

And that is the way it must be.


But I do try to forget the lonelyness,

For there is so much I have to enjoy

My little home surrounded with flowers in their lovelyness,

Brings me much pleasure and joy.


And then have the joy of the blessings,

The Gospel brings to me;

And reading, studying, writing,

Also brings me much joy you see.


These all help to drive my lonelyness away,

And hopes for a better and brighter day bringing the usual work to keep up a home,

So I do get a joy out of living, although I am alone.

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