John Brown, son of William & Elizabeth Illman Brown born 26 Nov 1831

Brown Ancestors 004The following account was written before April 1925-Author Unknown.  John Brown was my Great Grandfather on my Mother's side.


John Brown, son of William & Elizabeth Illman Brown was born on November 26, 1831 at Staffas Wood Parish of Lympsfield in the County of Surry, England.  When a boy he went to the Parish School until 10 years of age.  He then went to work with his Father to learn the carpenter trade.  This he did not like, however, as he was fond of horses.  He soon found that it was better to learn a trade, so his father compelled him to be a carpenter and told him it would be as good as any bank in any country.  He worked hard to assist his father and never had a shilling for himself until he was twenty years of age.  One day his father complained that the boy did not do as much work as he should and the boy's Mother interfered and said that he was always nagging at him and let him go.

It was then he told his father that he had no money or tools and being supplied with them and 1 pound, 10 shillings in Gold, he left for London.  The address he had to go to was that of his "Uncle" and he was informed that he lived at Chelsey where the boat stopped.  When he got to London he boarded an omnibus and fortunately the conductor knew his Uncle and stopped at his office to let the boy alight.  The Uncle said to him "What are you doing here".  And upon explaining the situation the Uncle told him he would see him later and that evening took him across the street to his house to supper.

Through the influence of his Uncle the boy got a position that night with a Scotch Contractor.  After three weeks he left his position because he did not get along any better than he had with his father.  The contractor however, offered him double wages on the following Monday, and the boy went back to him again.  Later he took a position with a Terrace Man, and when he went to get  his wages at the "pay table", as it is called, the cashier asked him how much he wanted.  He said he wanted the same as the other men, upon which the cashier remarked that he was but a beardless boy.  However, the boy claimed he had done a full man's work, and received the money for it.  Being of somewhat of a religious temperament and hearing of the Latter Day Saints, he left his Methodist Meeting to go and hear the "Mormons".  He became convinced of the truth of the Gospel and on the 18 day of October 1851, was baptized into the church at Therbalt Branch, Elder Geary officiating, and was confirmed a member by John Hyde, Senior.

After about a month, he moved to Chelsea Branch and was ordained a priest and Elder.  It was here he met Sarah Haines whom he shortly after married, on Nov 7, 1853 at St. Pancras Church, New Road-32 couples being married that day.  From that time until January 4, 1863 he labored as a mechanic in London.  Five children were born to them in London, Namely: Hyrum, Imri, Lorenzo John, Samuel and Sarah Elizabeth.  On June 4, 1863 he left with his family, his wife, and three children (two having died), for New York and after seven weeks on the water, landed at "Castel Garden" and took the boat for Albany.  From there they took the streamer for Florence and two weeks later started on a journey across the plains, in company with the Rosel Hyde Company, arriving in Salt Lake City in October, tired out and ready for a good rest.

(The following information added from Mormon Immigration Index: Ship-Amazon June 1863: Sarah Brown age 32 wife, John Brown age 31 occupation Carpenter, Lorenzo Brown age 7, Sarah Brown age 3 and Mira Brown infant.

My own comments: It is obvious that "Mira" is actually Imri.  Hyrum and Samuel died in England.  The children listed above are not in birth order.  Records show the following: Hyrum Brown born 1853 died 1859 England (birth date may not be correct since parents were married November 1853), Lorenzo John Brown born 1857 died Salt Lake City 22 Dec 1935, Samuel Willard Brown born 1857 died 1860 in England, Sarah Elizabeth Brown born 14 Oct 1859 died 6 Appril 1955, Imri Haynes Brown born 19 Oct 1862 died 18 Jul 1938 Salt Lake City.)

His first work was in the employ of William Howard "The Whiskey Man" and when he returned home the first night, his wife had made a bed by taking four quaking asp sticks and laying them on an old door.  This was their first bed in Zion.  The table was made after this manner also.  Shortly after that they moved to what is now known as 3rd East and 2nd South. He formed a partnership with John C Ensign with whom he worked for 23 years.

They lived in the 7th ward until 1874 and then went to the 9th ward.

There were born to them in America the following children: George, Henry, Louis,  Mary and Mamie, the latter having died at the age of 18 years.

(My own comments:  The above information is not completely accurate regarding the children born in America.  Records show the following:  George Henry Brown born 11 Oct 1864 died 18 Jul 1938 Salt Lake City, Mary Louise Brown born 19 Jul 1867 died 6 Oct 1955 Salt Lake City, Mamie Salina Brown born 4 Oct 1871 died 9 of Aug 1937 Salt Lake City)

Sarah Haines Brown died in the 7th ward January 21, 1874.  In the same year Brother Brown married Ellenore (Eleanor)(Ellen) Caffall and ten children were born to them, eight of whom died in infancy .  Samuel Vern and Harold are still living.

At the time the 9th ward was organized, Samuel  Woolley was put in as Bishop and John Cutler, First Counselor and John Brown, as Second Counselor.  A little later Brother Cutler moved from the ward and Brother John Brown was ordained by George Q Cannon as first counselor.

Ellenore (Eleanor)(Ellen) Caffall Brown died December 1, 1907 of Spinal Menegitis.

In July 1887 Brother Brown married Mary Burkhardt at the Logan Temple, and six children were born to them namely: Frank, Earl, Ada, Melvin, Frederick and Oliver, all of whom are living. (at the time this was written before 1925)

John Brown is the father of 25 children, 22 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, and is now enjoying the best of health. (at the time this was written before 1925)

(My own comments:  Records show that 7 children were born to John and Mary.  One died as an infant.  The children are: Orson Winfield Brown born and died 1890, Frank Brown born 1891, William Earl Brown born 1895, Ada Elizabeth Brown born 1897, Melvin Brown born 1899, Friedrick Jakob Brown born 1900, and Oliver Bourn Brown born 1902)


A Legacy In Ethics
Eliza Hugentobler Brown

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Golden V. Adams Jr. (website) on Thursday, 15 August 2013 01:00

It is incredible the hardships and sacrifice made to come to Utah. Apparently John learned quickly to make his own way! Interesting history.

It is incredible the hardships and sacrifice made to come to Utah. Apparently John learned quickly to make his own way! Interesting history.
Golden V. Adams Jr. (website) on Thursday, 15 August 2013 01:01

It is incredible the hardships and sacrifice made to come to Utah. Apparently John learned quickly to make his own way! Interesting history.

It is incredible the hardships and sacrifice made to come to Utah. Apparently John learned quickly to make his own way! Interesting history.