Jesse Mervin Gibbons' last words. Papa's youngest brother


Jesse Mervin Gibbons 


Papa, W.S. Gibbons' received this notation from Jesse's wife Mary Gibbons


   Jesse's last words, as told to his Nurse, between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00, A.M. 8 January 1919

Tell mother and Clem I hope they still remember only the pleasant things about me, and forgive all my faults;  and for  all their love and great kindness to me, I thank them.  I wish it was Gods will to spare me to my loved ones and wife.  but all has been done for me that could be done.....I am in the Master's hands.  It is well with me mother, and the parting is only for a little while.  It is so hard to leave Mary.  She has given me the greatest care,  and she will be all alone.  Love and comfort her,  Mother.  I know you will for my sake and remember only that I love you, and forgive and forgive all the worries I have given you and try not to griefe for me.  It is hard to go, but it must be.  We will meet in Heaven, where no parting comes-----Goodbye, Mother and all, your son and brother, Jesse.


   Jesse had the nurse wrilte this on the morning he died.  I copied it and kept the original.  It is just as he told her a little at a time.

                                        signed Mrs. Mary Gibbons  (wife)


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