How to Take Pleasure From a Grand Vacation in Grand Canyon


Found in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon which was sculpted by the Colorado River and housed by the Grand Canyon National Park. Former US President Theodore Roosevelt was a major proponent in the preservation of the area and he had visited the canyon a number of times. The Grand Canyon is also considered as one of the natural wonders of the world. Hailed as one of Arizona’s most distinguishable features, the Grand Canyon exudes a vast and beautiful expanse that onlookers would just simply admire. Visitors from different countries flock to Arizona just to witness the magnificent beauty of this nature’s work of art.


City Highlight:


Whatever you need and want, you are sure to find it in the malls, contemporary shops, as well as other shopping lining the vicinity of Grand Canyon. Flagstaff and Yuma are just a few of the many shopping malls that can offer guests with a unique shopping experience.


The Best Hotel Accommodations at Low Rates


The first thing you need to do is to carefully plan your vacation to the Grand Canyon. Of course, you need to choose a place to stay and reserve a room so that when you finally arrive in the area, you will not have to deal with unnecessary hassles and troubles. You may opt for a luxurious or budget-friendly hotel, inn, motel, bed and breakfast or even a vacation rental in Grand Canyon. Make sure to list down all the possible choices and contrast the rates as well as the included amenities before settling for a particular hotel or inn. This way, you will find out which accommodation fits your preference and your budget perfectly. Some of the good lodging choices include the Phantom Ranch, the Campgrounds-South Rim, Bright Angel Lodge and Cabins, and the Seven Mile Lodge. These Grand Canyon hotels provide well appointed rooms equipped with basic amenities such as telephone, television with cable channels, coffee or tea maker, iron and ironing boards and many more. 


Things to Do in Grand Canyon on A Budget


While helicopter tours provide the best view of the Grand Canyon, there are still other activities that visitors, like you, can enjoy without breaking the bank. One great way to explore the area without spending a dime is by simply walking along the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Paved walkways are present in the area to provide convenience to visitors. 

Bring your camera and take pictures of the majestic Grand Canyon as well as the scenic view surrounding it. You can also use it as a picturesque backdrop when you take photos of you with your family. The more adventurous travelers, meanwhile, can hike along the many trails in the area. Some of the popular trails around the canyon that are used by amateur and professional hikers alike include the Grandview Trail, Rim Trail, Grand View Trail and the Bright Angel Trail. 

If you are tired of walking around, you can take a rest at one of the lodging places or restaurants surrounding the Grand Canyon.


Eat Delicious Cuisine for Less


A vacation will never be complete without tasting the food in the area, and another way to save some money is by searching for cheap but good dining spots. Grand Canyon offers a multitude of local restaurants that are budget-friendly and at the same time, palatable and tummy-friendly. Dine at El Tovar Lounge and enjoy sumptuous meals at pocket-friendly prices. Make sure to sample their Canyon Cooler cocktail, Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Crostini, Black Bean and Tortilla Soup and Cajun Espresso. Another good dining place to check out is the Grand Canyon Lodge Dining Room which serves good old American cuisine at reasonable prices. 

So, don't think too much, pack your travel bag and get ready for the trip to Grand Canyon .

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