Steve's Kindness by Becca Hager Goodwin

I wasn't good friends with Steve. I was good friends with Amy, his younger sister. I do have a couple of memories of him, and thought you might like to hear them.

We were at a church swim party. Steve was in the pool, having a great time. Another young man (I don't remember who) was not getting close to the pool, he didn't want to get pulled in or even splashed. Steve leaned out of the pool and started yelling "pussy, your such a pussy", then looked around at all of the wide-eyed beehives staring at him (I was one of them), he quickly apologized and instead said "sissy, your such a sissy". What a gentleman.

Amy and I were in 6th grade together, and so excited to be going to Jr. High at Piute soon. As the first day of school for 7th grade got closer, I became more and more scared of Jr. High. I was unsure about switching classes, and possibly getting lost, but my worst fear was P.E. I felt so uncomfortable about changing clothes in front of other girls, and having to take showers. We were talking on the phone one day, and I was bombarding her with questions, as if she had already experienced everything and could talk me through it. Instead she said "here, talk to Steven". I remember feeling shocked that he would even talk to me (I felt that our social circles were far apart and that he would never lower himself to talk to me), he was so nice. By the time I asked my questions and he filled me in on everything, all of my worries were gone and even seemed silly. He was so kind. I have been reading some of the stories people having been sharing about him on facebook and it appears that his kindness continued throughout his life. Isn't in wonderful that both our strengths and weaknesses go with us. I have no doubt that he continues to exude kindness to those he has met on the other side.

Love, Becca Hager Goodwin


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