Erman and Maurine Stone

b2ap3_thumbnail_Erman--Maureen-stone_20160302-003124_1.jpgOur February Sweethearts are Erman and Maureen Stone.  Erman was born July 1941 in Mapleton at home on the kitchen table.  His parents were George and Marie Stone.  He had two sisters and one brother, and was second to the youngest of four.  Maureen was born on November 1942 in Lake Shore at home on the kitchen table as well.  Her parents were John Willis and Fern Tuckett.  She had three brothers and three sisters and she was in the middle of seven children.

Erman and Maureen met on a blind date through her sister.  They were married in November 1972, bringing their two families together.  Erman had two boys and one girl: Mike (Sundee) Stone, Salem; Shawn (Kimberly), California [Kimberly is the daughter of Clint Eastwood]; Michelle Alcott, Phoenix.  Maureen had four boys and one girl: Ed (Tiffany) Christiansen,, Spanish Fork; Carol Davenport, Logan; John (Stephanie), Grantsville; Rich (Jodi) Christiansen, Spanish Fork; Chris (Denise) Christensen, Bluffton, Indiana.  Together they had one girl, Heather (Greg) Kitchen, West Jordan.  They have 43 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. They have lived in Salem for 42 years.

They are both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Erman was a Temple Ordinance Worker at the Provo Temple from September 1996 to June 2014.  He is now serving at the Payson Temple.  He has served in a Bishopric and held several other ward and stake positions.  He served a mission for the Church to New Zealand from 1960-1962.  Maureen has served in her ward Relief Society Presidency and in the Primary.

Erman was employed by the Army National Guard for 35 years as a full time employee at OMS #9. When he first joined the 116th Engineer CSE (Combat Support Equipment) Company it was in Springville and now the armory is in Spanish Fork. He was also a member of the Utah Army National Guard for over 40 years having served as a Platoon Sgt.  He retired in 2001.  He has been able to serve in Korea, Panama, and Honduras helping to build schools, airstrips and roads.  They also did projects around our area for the cities, schools and worked on the security fence along the Mexican border.  In 2002 he went to work for Salem City in the Parks and Cemetery Department where he still works.  Maureen worked at Jack's Cafe during High School, and later in the meat department in Macey's for a while.

Erman started out volunteering in 1969 with the Mapleton Fire Department.  After they moved to Salem he joined the Salem Volunteer Fire Department and served for 24 years. He was Fire Chief for a while.  In 1987 the Salem Ambulance Association was organized.  He was the first Captain and is currently serving as Captain.  He served on both the Fire Department and the Ambulance Association together for a while.  He has been on the Emergency Management Committee, Planning and Zoning Committee, is the Sourh-End County Ambulance Representative, and is the representative for the Utah County EMS Council.  He received the Salem City Community Service Award in 1999 and has been the EMT of the Year several times.  Maureen has supported Erman in all of his service to our community.

Erman likes most foods, his favorite being mashed potatoes and gravy with roast.  Maureen likes enchiladas, lasagna, and sweets.  Mexican food is not Erman's favorite (or it doesn't like him) and Maureen doesn't like fish and is not a big meat eater.

Maureen likes to sew and be with grandkids.  Erman likes sports, fishing, hunting and camping.  When they moved to Salem Erman said he liked how progressive it was. Even though it was a smaller city, it had a sewer system and was a well-kept city.  Maureen said she likes the beauty of the area, her neighbors, the  pond and the people.

Maureen and Erman, we wish you a speical February and thank you for your service to us as a community.


Senior Spotlight, Salem City Newsletter, February 2016, page 3.

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