My Dream of Cheryl


My Dream of Cheryl

By Anita A. Chambers

I met Cheryl Ann Posey (later to become Hemingway) in about 1974 when we were both single teens not too far out of high school.  Cheryl was raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I joined the Church in 1974.  We became friends and then roomates for a couple of years in Texas.  Cheryl had an avid interest in her family history and I too had developed this interest.  She always told me about her research and we sometimes did research together at libraries in Houston.  She eventually moved to Utah and I got married.  On one of my trips to visit her in Salt Lake City (in 1984) she even took me to the Genealogical Library to do research there.  It was a memorable trip.  We continued to stay in touch by phone, letters and a few more visits.  She married in the Jordan River Temple where I was her escort.  Years passed but we still remained in yearly contact.  I have to admit that Cheryl was better about making the contact than I was.  I was always very happy to hear from her and still be remembered as her friend.

In about the Spring of 2001 she called me with the news of her breast cancer diagnosis.  Cheryl was hopeful about the whole affair so I was too.  Later that year we talked again on the phone.  She was still having a battle but seemed cheerful.  Then on January the 8th, 2002 Cheryl suddenly took a turn for the worst and lost her battle and passed away.   I hope this doesn't sound uncaring but after her passing I thought about her even more than I did while she was alive.  I missed her and still do miss her.

Now, on to my story about my dream.  I have debated whether to publish this story because of its personal nature.  When I originally had this dream back in about 2004, I didn't realize how special and spiritural it was.  After much thought I decided to publicly publish this story.  I figure it will edify any members of the LDS church or other people who are in tune with the Holy Spirit.  Others who doubt this was a spiritual experience, well, I am not going to worry about what they think.  I know what I know and that is what matters.

Shortly after my Dad died in November 2003, I dreamed I was in a church meeting of some kind, somewhere I didn't recognize.  While listening to a speaker, I saw Cheryl walk into the meeting and sit down next to me on the pew.  There was plenty of empty space on the pew.  In my dream I knew Cheryl was dead so I ask her if anyone else could see her.  She said no.  We proceeded to quietly converse there.  All the time I was very aware that others might see me talking but not see Cheryl.  I was therefore very discrete while talking to her.  We talked for what was maybe 5-10 minutes?  Cheryl then got up and left.  I woke up.  I wondered why I had a dream like that and just thought maybe Cheryl wanted me to know she was happy and OK even though she died leaving two young children and a husband.  I didn't know at all what we had talked about.  About 3 weeks passed and I was still wondering about the purpose of the dream.  One day I was driving down the road and it suddenly came into my mind why Cheryl appeared to me in a dream.  She wanted to tell me that she was teaching the gospel to my deceased family members in the spirit world!  I then knew without a doubt that was why I had the dream.  I started crying as I was driving down the road.  I could hardly see because the tears were streaming down my face so profusely.  Of course, it now made perfect sense that Cheryl would be the one teaching my deceased family, (especially my Dad and also my aunt who had passed away in January of 2003)!  Cheryl had met my parents and  was a good, faithful person and always into genealogy all her life.  I know she has taught my Dad and aunt the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I'm sure many more of my family.  It will be wonderful to meet her again, hug her and thank her.  I testify that the things I have relayed here truely happened.



                                                     Cheryl Ann Posey Hemingway


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