Dorothy "Dottie" Chamberlain

What a lovely lady “Dottie” Chamberlain is.  She was delivered by a midwife on April 11, 1923.  She was born in her parent’s home in Junction City, Kansas and was named Dorothy Taylor.  She is third to the oldest in her family with two brothers and one sister.

            Growing up in Junction City during World War II, Dottie worked for the local telephone company.  After the war she moved to California where her brother was stationed in the service..  He and his wife introduced Dottie to her first husband, Stanley Wallace.  Dottie and Stanley had two children, Eddie, and Vicki Rose.  Eddie and his wife Lynn live in Oklahoma.  Vicki Whittaker passed away in April 2000 and is interred in the Salem City Cemetery.  During this time Dottie worked for Metlox Pottery painting dinnerware and some pottery pieces.  Dottie has three grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. 

            While living in California, her brother and his wife, who belonged to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gave her a Book of Mormon which led to her conversion and baptism into the Church. 

            Dottie became a single mother and about a year later, her sister and brother-in-law introduced her to Leslie Chamberlain whom they met while they were both at a car dealership looking to buy a car.  He was a single father who had a son and a daughter who were grown and living back East.  This introduction led to their marriage.  Leslie was from New Hampshire and was working at the Point Mugu Naval Base in Ventura County, California.  After Leslie retired they moved to Salem.  Dottie said Leslie was crazy about cars and they purchased a new car every year.  She and Leslie were married for 43 years before his passing in May 2007.  She has lived in Salem for 27 years.  Dottie has been an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holding positions in the Primary and Relief Society Organizations. 

            She doesn’t care for Japanese food, but loves Mexican food, and anything chocolate especially See’s Candy, and chocolate candy bars. 

            Dottie likes to crochet, having made many afghans.  She has quilted some quilts for her grandchildren and she loves to read and paint ceramics.  When asked what she likes most about Salem, Dottie said when they first moved here, she liked the smaller town; the people were very friendly and still are. 

            Dottie is thankful to be able to live in Salem, and we are thankful to have her as a citizen.


Salem City Newsletter Senior Spotlight, November 2016, page 3

Early Memories
Part 4 "Into Hostile Skies"


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