Don and Jane Ann Cole

A man of many talents, abilities, and capabilities is Don Cole.  With his wife, Jane Ann (Beck) Cole, he has accomplilshed a great deal and I suspect they might not be through.  Both gradulated the same year form Spanish Fork High School and they got married shortly after. 

To help Don get through college, Jane Ann went to work at Glades Drive-in. During this time they had their first child, and they refer to him as their "French Fry Baby".  She also taught piano and organ lessons.  It's a good bet that a good share of the long time members of Salem that play the piano or organ were taught by her.

There was no work so Don joined the National Guard. During that time he became an officer and eventually became a Bird Colonel.  Then after more time, he became the Commanding Officer of the Utah National Guard--Impressive.  Don also worked for the Bureau of Land Management and received his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and started his own land survey business.  He wrote his thesis on the study of underground water in this area and helped all the cities locally on where to drill for water and how deep they would have to go down.  He also designed the half million gallon water tank that we still use and will for a long time to come.  He was the City Engineer for Salem and Payson cities.

Durng his tenure as Utah National Guard Commander, Jane was the president of the Ladies Association of the National Guard.  After she left, other women have tried to fill the job but were unable to make it work so that function has fallen by the wayside.  Through all of Don's many endeavors, Jane has always been his biggest supporter and  their three sons have all honorably served our country in the military.  Don and Jane Ann have 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Don retired form the National Guard in 1986 and from the Bureau of Reclamation in 1987.  Now they like to spend time with their family, all of whom lives less than ten miles away.  They like to travel, and have made several trips to Alaska (always with his fishing pole) and many fishing trips to Montana.  They love Salem.  This has always been home for them.  Their bedroom now is about 50 feet from his bedroom in the house where he grew up.  However, the warmer winter temperature of Arizona is getting more and more inviting.

Don would seriously like to encourage all adults who have a trade or vocation to be a mentor to the youth.  Help someone to see it's better to work toward something productive.  Help them set goals and how to work toward them rather than possibly doing nothing and getting into trouble.  He had such a mentor who taught him the basics of civil engineering and how to land survey.  It sure worked for him and . . . who knows?????

May God Bless Our Seniors!


From "Senior Spotlight", Salem City Newsletter, January 2013 -  P 3.


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