There are many methods and approaches that are adopted for completing anything. So, it is in the case of manufacturing of Graphic T-shirt printing. As printing is the oldest method and there are many approaches to doing printing in different fields. It is seen that most of the men love to wear the printed t-shirt using some of the unique and impressive graphic design in it. Either the printed T-shirts for men or women the style adopted for printing them is similar. So, the following are the 3 common methods that are used by printing organizations in the making of graphic T-shirts:



Screen printing or silk screen printing is the most coo method nowadays. Companies use this method for printing a large number of t-shirts as graphic t-shirts. Some are customized some have the generalized look at it.

What you need for doing screen printing are the following:

  1. Stencil
  2. Nylon
  3. A waterproof material having some of the negative spaces for designing.

The screen printing is done by applying the stencil and a nylon mesh. The stencil is placed in a way that it is held by the nylon mesh. The waterproof material that is having the negative spaces help in creating graphic designs because it contains some of the permeable parts that help in flooding the ink easily.


Direct to garment printing means that creating a design on the printer and then printing it directly on the fabric just like paper printing. Although this method is easy it requires some of the knowledge and skills if you are not looking for professional help and don’t want to invest much money. This method is mostly used by the online T-shirt Pakistan providers because it is easy to use and requires less investment. It is observed that the DTG method is less durable and the graphic design fades in a year or even less.


If you are not having a big start-up in the area Graphic T-shirt and in this, the appropriate area is of the printed T-shirt for men and you are supplying it on the buying platform that is online t-shirts Pakistan supplier then heat press printing is best fit for it. It cost less when you are having small orders. It reduces and saves your major resources and your precious time as well. 

How the heat press printing is done? It is the must-ask question. As this method is a transfer paper method so you take a shirt and then fit it on the best heat transfer vinyl so that the heat is applied as soon as the pressing is started. Due to the heat and pressure, the graphic design gets printed on it and you get the best-designed shirt. This process is done until the dye is completely transferred to the paper and soften the paper and is absorbed in the cloth properly. After this thing is done you get some of the glossy print on your desired color t-shirt.


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