Dick and Jeannie Hanks

One of the few seniors that was born and raised in Salem and still lives here is Richard (Dick) Hanks.  He graduated from 9th grade in Salem and Spanish Fork High School.  After he spent a couple of years with the people of California, he returned and entered BYU and started his education.  Before he would finish, he got a personal letter from the President of the United States that said he wanted Dick to come join a bunch of other guys in Korea for two years.  After Korea he returned home and continuted his education at BYU.  While there, one of his friends needed someone to go on a blind date.  The guy he asked couldn't make it at the last minute so he asked Dick.  Now the original blind date couldn't make it so she also got a substitute.  And that is how we got Dick & Jeannie.  After Dick graduated, they moved back to Salem.

Jeannie was born in Ohio and while she was young, her parents moved to Chicago.  At the age of 15, her dad was transferred to Utah to work at Geneva Steel.  Jeannie graduated from Orem High School and after one year at BYU, she went to work for Nebo School District.

Dick & Jeannie have 2 children, 12 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, most of whom live close by.  They both retired from Nebo School District after 30 years; Dick from teaching and Jeannie from the adminstrative office.  Dick returned to Trade Tech to be a small engine mechanic and now repairs lawn mowers and snow blowers as long as they don't get in the way of his golf.

Jeannie has a love for oil painting and crocheting.  She is the only person I know who has kept a poinsettia alive from last Christmas to now.

They both love Salem Days, especially the breakfast where they can visit with the ones that have moved and came back for the festivities of the day.  They love Salem's small town atmosphere but miss the time when everyone knew everyone.



From "Senior Spotlight", Salem City Newsletter, December 2012 -  P 3

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