Crazy Crawfish

I was in grade school when our Dad took us to the park.  There was a creek that travelled through most of the park, under a bridge and then under the street.  Dad took us down to the water's edge and let us play in it.  We saw a crawfish in the shallows and we were tickled.  Dad caught it, which surprised him.  He said they normally swim away a lot faster than that.  Then we saw why.  The crawfish's babies were all clinging to the underside of the crawfish's tail.  We were stoked.  We put them in a container and took them home to put in the fish tank, fed it hotdogs, and watched the little clear babies swimming around in the water.

One day we were cleaning the tank and put the mama crawfish in the sink.  (I'm afraid to say we acidently washed most of the babies down the sink because we forgot to plug the stopper.)  Heather walked into the bathroom and startled the crawfish who lifted both its front claws and screamed.  I didn't know they could make noise at all.  Heather didn't either.  Heather threw up her hands and screamed back.  Danielle and I fell out it was so funny.

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