Charley and Virginia Twitchell


b2ap3_thumbnail_Twitchell.JPGTo start 2016 off we’d like to spotlight Charley and Virginia Twitchell.  Charley was born April 30, 1927 in Delta, Utah to Joshua Lafayette and Annis Bea Snider Twitchell.  He is the fifth child of six children; two girls and four boys.  They were living in Torrey, Utah in 1934 when his father died.  As his mother didn’t have any way to support her family, she decided to move them to Provo, hoping she could find a job.  She rented several homes in the Salem area and in 1940, she bought the little white house on the corner of 300 South and 100 East in Salem.  Charley was baptized in Salem Pond in 1935 by Chester Davis.  When he was 13 years old he took care of 13 acres of tomatoes with his brother.  He picked 50 bushels a day for six weeks and earned $13.00. 

Virginia was born on May 25, 1934 in Price, Utah to Albert Mathena and Virginia Haycock.  When she was five, her parents divorced and the children were put in foster homes.  Virginia lived in Orem with several families.  She is the oldest of six children, three boys and three girls. 

Charley and Virginia met at a New Years Eve Dance on December 31, 1949 in Provo.  They were married on May 18, 1950.  They have been married for 65 years.  After they were married they lived in Provo for 2 months, Orem for 8 years, Payson for 35 years, and in 1994 they moved to Salem where they built their home on property once owned by his mother, Bea Twitchell.  They have been here for 21 years.  They are the parents of ten children:  Keith (Brenda), Payson; Del, Provo; Veloy (Helen), Washington (state); Edwin (Claudia), Fruit Heights; Brenda (Max), Springville; Jonathan (deceased); Calvin (Crystal), Pier Point, Idaho; Anita (Troy) West Jordan; Alison (Brad), West Valley; and Greg, Springville.  Five of their children were born while they lived in Orem and five while in Payson.  They have 26 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. 

 Just before WWII ended Charley joined the Merchant Marines.  He was in the service for two years.  He worked in the oil fields in Colorado for five months.  Then he went to work for Geneva Steel and was there for 38 ½ years.  In 1986 he was badly burned while at work and spent one month in the hospital.  Virginia has been able to be a stay-at-home wife and mother.  Their sons worked doing farm work. 

They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have served a mission to South Dakota working with the Sioux Indians.  They were able to travel to Italy to pick up their daughter, Anita, who was serving a mission there.  They have had six children and ten grandchildren serve missions.  Charley served as a Temple Ordinance worker in the Provo LDS Temple for 21 years and loved doing this.  While on their mission he learned to do some bead work which you liked to do.  He also likes to garden.  Virginia used to quilt and she enjoys flower arranging, but she says her hobby is her kids and grandkids.

Virginia doesn’t like Kipper Snacks, but Charley loves them.  She also doesn’t like avocados.  Charley likes everything.  Their favorite foods are cucumbers, apples and ‘Poor Man’s soup.’ 

They said they love their neighbors, their good LDS ward, and the atmosphere of the mountains and Salem Pond.

Charley and Virginia, thank you for the heritage you have brought to Salem.


Senior Spotlight, Salem City Newsletter, January 2016, page 3

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