Moving Out of Cades Cove

lula gregory flynns old cabin near cades cove picnic area Lula Gregory Flynn






Moving Out of Cades Cove


           It was the day of our first move and everyone was busy getting their belongings

together.  My few homemade play things were fondly stored in a badly worn black

satchel.  The main articles of household furnishings were already gone in wagons.  Just

the odds and ends were left to be loaded in the sled.           


           The chickens were cooped and placed in the sled along with the rain barrel and

garden tools.  My sister’s cats were securely fastened in a box and loaded in a place

where they would not be bounced around.  Now we were almost ready to start on

our homeward journey.


           Old Grey was eating his last blades of fodder when he was geared with the old blind bridle and other gears that he was to wear in drawing the sled.  This old horse was given his name because of his grey suede like coat.  Old Grey was very impulsive and had to wear the old blind bridle to keep his view straight ahead, because he had a terrible hate for all hogs in general.


          The sled was soon moving along and my sister and I following closely behind with my father driving.  I did not take a backward look at the little log house where I was born.  Traveling went good for the first two or three miles.  I began to tire and get thirsty.  I did not dare to complain.  We rounded a curve and to my delight I could see Rose Hill.  I knew, we would soon be to Rose spring and that meant cool refreshing water.  We hurried along and there it was.  A gourd was hanging on a tree limb and we each had a drink and then another.  Old Grey got his thirst quenched, too.


            Soon we were on our way again and the going seemed good and we were approaching the Crib Gap.  We knew Old Grey was up to some kind of mischief when we saw him prick up his ears and let out a snort.  Very soon a fat hog came running across the road and away went Old Grey pawing and snorting.  The poor hog let out a few plaintiff squeals and made for the woods and Old Grey followed in close pursuit.  The sled began to fly into pieces and the contents were well scattered.  The rain barrel started back in the direction we had come.  The coop of chickens and the box of cats were dumped in the woods.  On rushed the squealing hog with Old Grey putting a shorter distance between them.  The horses harness got caught on some tree limbs and this stopped the race.  The chickens were still cackling with fright and poor cats were yowling.


          After all the pieces of the sled were gathered up and put together, we placed the coop of chickens and the box of cats back on the sled and rolled the barrel back up the hill and found a place on the sled for it.  Then, Old Grey was hitched to the sled.  We were on our way again, but luck was with us.  We soon reached our destination.  All the animals were comfortably situated and the family was all together again and ready to settle down to real living again, but in a larger log house.


                                           By: Lula Gregory Flynn

Russell Gregory
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