Bull Rider Grandpa

                This is the first time I got trampled by a bull. I rode it all the way.   I just remember I was getting up and I looked up and that bull was right on me. I flattened right down and he caught my head and stomped on my shirt and passed right over top of me.  I rode it all the way, but I think I just won my entry fee back is about all.  If you ride a bull you are usually always in the money, because they are awful hard to stay on.  I tried the other events: saddle bronc, bareback, steer dogging at Carl Riley’s place.  I mainly rode bulls about four or five times a year. Roy (my older brother) rode saddle bronc about a show every week for about 5-6-7 years.  I didn’t go with him too much he was on his own.  I would be working on a ranch someplace.  I rode in the Evanston, Wyoming show.  If they were close I would get off and enter in and go ride in them. By Jim Hardy/Grandpa Hardy


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