An Outstanding Moment

lula gregory flynn

An Outstanding Moment


                Somewhere along the road of life somewhere between the beginning and end, there is an outstanding moment for everyone.  Sometimes there is more than one.  I have already experienced one of those moments.  It came to me at the age of 12 years.  I awoke early one morning just as the moon scurried away to give room to the rising sun to beat a hasty retreat for the seashore to see the sunrise.  It was everything you could expect for a perfect moment.

                The whole town lay quiet and sleeping.  A gray fog hovered over the scene.  I rushed on and came to my destination.  I did not have to wait long until the fog gently rolled back like a huge blanket and the scene came fully in view.

                The sun like a huge golden ball seemed to come from the recesses of the sea, casting his golden light on the many waves that lapped the shore to give way to a more beautiful array of colors.

                The shrubs along the shore seemed to be wearing diamond necklaces and the damp sand seemed to be covered with many priceless gems.  The sea gulls and pelicans along with sandpipers came to look for their morning meal.  The pelicans making a hasty plunge into the sea to come up with fish for their breakfast while the others scurried along the shore to beg food from all those who came to view the scene.  The ships seemed to be riding leisurely along to become tiny specks and vanishing into the unseen.

                The thing that impressed me at this moment was that the same gently hand created and governs them all.

By: Lula Gregory Flynn

Big Will Walker’s House


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