A Guide To Lean Services

Lean is relevant, like always. However, many of us ask each other – What is lean? What is lean service management? What is the significance of lean service management in IT? 

So are you ready? Get ready as the blog will outline all the queries in your mind related to the management of lean services.

What is Lean? 

In a shell: Lean is an approach. The purpose of lean is to optimize customer delivery and make the process more effective. To accomplish it, you do need an environment to attain goals. 

For many students and professionals of lean services, understand the earliest example of Lean, though it was not wholly Lean – was from Henry Ford. In 1912, Ford introduced the production process of a car. For example, the car was available in a single color and model, so the means of production anticipated. 

Nowadays, many students and professionals study the model opted by Toyota. It was a perfect lean methodology. Toyota improved its nitty-gritty steps to maximize efficiency. It had an enormous impact on the car production process. It came up with the Toyota Production System (TPS). 

Secondly, McDonald's is also a classic example of lean-approach. Retrospectively, kitchens designed so that every step and action in the procedure takes place effectively. Nowadays, the staff gives instructions, and the process correctly works similarly. Indeed, the chances of error minimized. 

Lean Service Management 

Let's start with the second question popping in the viewer's mind. There is not just one definition to explain. The most crucial factor is you do everything. You need to ask yourself: Why am I doing this? What worth will it add to the customers/clients?

Since many enterprises are turning towards agile for more flexibility. If you need to remove antivirus software from your enterprise immediately, it will not help if you take 26 steps and then have three authorization rounds. 

As your customer's expectancy is growing. For example, if you place an order of a laptop at home and it must take the one-day maximum. Why the delivery company takes 4 weeks? Such is the customer's expectancy to reduce processing time. 

Lean Service Management for IT

Here is an example of IT-related lean services and strategic planning services. You have ordered a product and who is responsible for taking approval from you and the purchase amount. There is an approval sheet that sorts out everything. 

Now there is a way to improve the system. 

Firstly, automate the entire system of approval. The self-service portal will allow the customers to order products. The approval request automatically sent to relevant authorities.

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