Legacy Talks- Part One




This 3-part process will provide all the tools and information needed to conduct a successful Legacy Talk. Lesson one is all about orientation, purpose and opportunity. Everything written in this course is relevant and so try not to scan through it or it could cost you in the end. Good luck!! Let's get started!!


Do Not take this course unless you have been CLA certified. The reason is that in the CLA training you are taken through the entire process of the Legacy Matters Program, the foundation of Legacy Talks. You must have a complete understanding of:

  • What is included in a Legacy Matters Program
  • How to use the various recording methods and tools
  • How to upload audios and videos to the LegacyStories.org family history library
  • How to order or produce an approved PictOral History archival DVD
  • How to deliver the Living Legacy Project basic presentation


NOTE: In the video below I mention a price of $99. We have since decided the basic program should sell for $149 and include the PictOral History slideshow rather than only the raw photo and audio files. You, of course, can set the price however you wish with any discounts or, in certain circumstances, only burn the raw files if you deem it necessary. More on this later.

Review the video below. Click the icon on the lower right of the player to view in full screen


This section contains download links for print-outs and videos you will need to review and as part of your Legacy Talks Kit. They are also listed on your Project Resources main page. You may have already downloaded them from previous courses but it's always good to keep them in one group. Create a new folder on your desktop titled, Legacy Talks. Download each file into that folder and they'll be ready the moment you need them.

As for the video links,  the videos can and should be downloaded to the same desktop folder. You can either play them directly from your computer's media player or burn them to a DVD to be played in the host's player. Remember to render the vidoes in a format that can be read by DVD players and not just on computers. Once you burn the DVD, test it on a DVD player.

The main presentation can be delivered by you or by using the recorded presentation which will assure all the salient points are covered. You should know how to do the main presentation before going any further. To learn how click HERE.

Click on the blue links to download and save

Legacy Talks Logo


Legacy Talks Host Planner

Legacy Talks Postcards


(download links are found just below the video)

Pre-recorded Video Presentation

Living Legacy Project

Preserving Personal Treasures

PictOral History Sampler

LegacyStories.org Tour


(Optional but highly recommended for best impact)

Legacy Matters Handout

Living Legacy Project Handout

Resource Inventory Checklist

Allianz Survey


Legacy Matters Gift Certificate

Legacy Matters Discount Coupon

Gift Certificate Distribution Log

The sections below display the collateral from the download links above so you can see what they look like. The display images are not in high resolution but the dowload files are.

Legacy Talks Host Planner

These are double-sided tri-fold brochures with the Host Planner panel as the cover. Print them carefully so they line up properly on both sides. Once printed you can trim the outer white edges or leave them as is. Give these to the host after writing the time and date for your meeting on the cover

SIDE ONE (Outside)



SIDE TWO (Inside)


Legacy Talks Postcards

This Word document is in .doc format and may not be aligned properly depending on your PC or Word versions. The reason they are in Word is so you can type in the time and date details once then print them out before giving them to the Host to be sent to his/her guests. 

You can either send the document to the Host so she/he can type in the names and addresses on the front and then print them out or you can delete the dummy address and print them out yourself and let the host write the addresses in ink.

These postcards should be printed on a coated card stock so they have a high quality appearance. Make sure you have fresh ink in your printer or have them printed at a local Kinkos or other office store. They are much better in color but if you use a high quality coated card stock they will look acceptable in black & white.

Trim where the corner marks are indicated.







Legacy Matters Handout

Living Legacy Project Handout

lmllp.bmp  lmgeneric.bmp

Allianz Survey


Legacy Matters Gift Certificate


Legacy Matters Discount Coupon


Gift Certificate Distribution Log


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