Legacy Stories Super Team


Founded in 2008, LegacyStories.org is the official website for the Living Legacy Project, with a mission to educate and motivate people to write and/or record their legacy stories before they are lost forever. Thanks to our sponsors, clients and supporters, we provide free world class story development tools, programs and a secure repository where this valuable personal and family history can be stored and shared.

We are dedicated to unite families, community organizations and businesses with a common cause to save the living history of our time for the benefit of humanity. Our team is comprised of top experts representing industries where legacy stories are at the greatest risk of extinction.

We are more than mere colleagues. We are family!


Tom Cormier, Co-Founder and CEO

Tom co-founded the Living Legacy Project, the International Assoc. of StoryKeepers (I ASK) and LegacyStories.org. This endeavor follows his preservation of a vintage mountain village in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains while recording the oral histories of its elder residents.

Tom is former CEO and host of Let's Talk America, airing on over 450 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada, espousing the message of personal development and achievement.

A U.S. Marine combat veteran, serial entrepreneur and husband to his wife of 47 years, Tom's broad scope of life experiences is felt throughout this cause and platform.



Dennis Stack, Co-Founder and Chairman

Dennis is founder of Project StoryKeeper, a 501c3 non-profit, which created the StoryKeeper Guidebook in 2003, and is the genesis of the Living Legacy Project.

His Family StoryKeeper Course has been used in over 800 Hospices, Home Care, Assisted Living and Veterans communities. He trained more than 5,000 volunteers and students to perform the role of StoryKeepers in their respective niches.

Dennis is also former Senior VP-Business Development for Paine Webber, bringing with him a unique perspective as to how estate planners and wealth managers can help clients pass down their wisdom along with their wealth to the next generation.


Jeff Rogers, CKA, CKP, Stewardship Legacy Coach

Jeff Rogers is the founder and chairman of Stewardship Legacy Coaching, LLC. In this role he assists financially blessed individuals, families & business owners in transferring both “Wisdom & Wealth” to their children and grandchildren as part of building a strong & lasting Family Legacy.

With over 30 years of experience in legacy coaching, estate planning, and wealth management, Jeff is a Certified Estate Planner™ and Certiied Kingdom Advisor™. One of his greatest joys is guiding individuals to become intentional about establishing a family legacy of lasting, eternal significance.  





Golden Adams, CLP, AG

Golden is an Accredited Genealogist® for Mid-South and Gulf South Regions.  A member of Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and National Genealogical Society (NGS), he owns and operates Adams Genealogical and Legacy Services and is a FamilySearch® Indexing Specialist and FamilySearch FamilyTree® Consultant. 

Golden is also a Certified Legacy Planner, a former career middle school science educator and a Founding Ambassador of the International Association of StoryKeepers (I-ASK).




Robb Lucy, The Legacy Coach

Robb is founder of Create My Legacy, and author of the breakthrough book, How Will You Be Remembered? A Guide to Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now!

He is also co-founder and host of the groundbreaking Legacy Café Podcast, a weekly series of conversations with acclaimed authors, experts, and thought leaders about all things legacy. The podcast is an outreach initiative of the Living Legacy Project.


Robb was a journalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation before forming his own company, producing mixed media for corporations and governments around the world.

Robb spent 25 years on the local, national and international boards of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and continues to help develop non-profits for cancer awareness.


Katana Abbott, CFP

Katana is a Certified Senior Advisor, founder of the Designated Caregiver™ Program, and produced an educational series called, The Life You Lead is the Legacy You'll Leave™.

She is founder of the non-profit, Smart Women's Empowerment™, a resource center focused on helping women unlock their financial power, where she hosts the Smart Women Talk Show™ with over 1 million subscribers.

She has written several books, produced a financial literacy course, and is a highly sought after speaker. Katana has been honored by the NAWBO as one of Detroit's Top 10 Business Women, receiving the Breathrough Award. 






Annie Payne, CLA

One of Australia's most experienced personal historians, Annie started collecting family legacy stories in 1988 as part of Australia's Bi-Centennial Project and never stopped.

Her passion for helping others capture and record their stories is typified in the name of her business- "History from the Heart".

Annie is spearheading our drive to launch the Living Legacy Project not only in Australia and New Zealand but throughout SE Asia and Ociania.





Pat White, CLA, CLP

Pat is a Certified Legacy Planner and has served as a Great Lakes Regional Coordinator for the Association of Personal Historians. By profession a music educator and court reporter, Pat’s interest in personal history began after her mother died from Alzheimer's Disease.

Pat now specializes in photo reminiscence therapy for people with cognitive challenges working with families whose loved ones are in assisted living, hospice, or passed on. Pat developed MemoriesFromMyLife.com, a unique use of photo posters with captions to tell a mini life story. Pat is a top leader of the Living Legacy Project and Founding Ambassador of I-ASK.




Roger Bartley, CLA, CLP

Roger is owner and Funeral Director for Bartley Funeral Homes in Minerva and Malvern, Ohio. His family has served the community for over 150 years with all aspects of funeral services from pre-need through after care.

Roger is an innovator, having been the first in his state to offer Legacy Planning services after earning a Certified Legacy Advisor and Planner designation.

As a Living Legacy Project Ambassador to the funeral industry, Roger is exposing the vast benefits of legacy planning to families, communities and funeral homes throughout North America. 



Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, PhD., PLA

Dr. Fernandez-Sacco is President of the Cal. Genealogical Society, bringing her skill and talent to LegacyStories.Org. She is also Visiting Scholar with the Office for the History of Science and Technology at U.C. Berkeley. Co-Founder of Sociedad Ancestros Mocanos, Puerto Rican Genealogical Society.

Her passion for preserving cultural legacies is unmatched as is her knowledge of genealogical research methods. 



Larry Warnick

Larry brings decades of experience in assisting technology firms and entrepreneurs in developing profitable go-to-market strategies and plans. He has spect the past 25 years in a range of marketing, poduct management, and business development firms ranging from start-up to Fortune-level.

Larry developed our Legacy Labs video tutorial series, a program designed to assist solopreneurs and legacy-related business owners with building profitable revenue streams in the legacy space.


Kathy Larsen, CLA

Kathy is a Certified Legacy Advisor and Founding Ambassador of the International Association of StoryKeepers.  She has been on the LegacyStories.org Development Team since 2007.  Kathy is a Photo Scanning Specialist, Family History Instructor, local FamilySearch® Indexing Director and FamilySearch® Family Tree Consultant.

Trained in all aspects of the Living Legacy Project,  Kathy is actively involved in the Legacy Stories Reminiscence Program for Senior Care Facilities, Faith Legacy Projects and community awareness programs.



Ruthanne Warnick

Ruthanne is Founder of Capture the Journey, helping families and communities connect generations through the stories of their lives. Through her workshop Lasting Legacy: Your Words of Wisdom, Values and Love, she guides people to create meaningful expressions of their core values, wisdom, gratitude and love that become a priceless gift now and lasting legacy for future generations.

Ruthanne is a Certified Legacy Planner through I-ASK, and a Certified Guided Autobiography Instructor through the Birrem Center for Autobiography and Life Review.


Jose Lacal, Chief Technology Officer

Jose is a data geek with a passion to make technology usable. He served 10 years at multinational companies (Siemens, Motorola) in deeply technical roles, and built four startups in between, starting at age 22.

Jose's role at LegacyStories is to build a global platform to collect, store, analyze and distribute human wisdom. Leveraging his deep technical background, Jose combines both the structure and rigorous processes of large firms with the agility and speed of an entrepreneur.