Why I know there is a God


When I see the beauty of this world, or hear the song of a bird.

When the sunshine warms my earthly space, or raindrops fall upon my face

When cllean      white snow blankets the trees, and frothy waves roil the seas,

I bow my head in thank and prayer because I know my God is there.

A God from whom all blessings flow, who gave his Son so we may know

by this god like act they love us so.

I am so thankful He shows the way, that we can return to him someday,

To look the Saviour in the eye and know he dies for such as I.

Tho I may stumbe and go astray, kin my heart I hear him say

Repent dear child,love one day at a time. Know that I am God and you are mine.

Wheen I leave this mortal place and in line for my reward,

My heart will sing, I always knew there was a GOD.