What is Heritage Makers?

You already know how valuable a family story can be.  It can bring back memories, shape our character, build self esteem and strengthen  our family.  But did you know there is a way you can preserve these stories in a book, along with your photos?

Heritage Makers is an online publishing company that helps families preserve their stories and photos in book form.  Just upload photos, choose a book size and the fun begins!  You can create a project from scratch or begin with an editable template from the Template Gallery. 

The easy-to-use Heritage Makers Studio is a word processing and graphics system editor that gives you complete freedom to create every page the way you want, even when using a template.  Drag and drop as many photos, graphics and/or text as you want to each page.  You can edit any element in a variety of ways:  move, resize, crop, rotate, add borders and drop shadow, etc. . . . you get the idea.  There's even a neat color match tool you can use to match borders, graphics and text color.  If you have text in an existing document, you can copy and paste it into your project. 

In addition to hard cover library-bound books, Heritage Makers provides other great products:  greeting cards, calendars, posters, individual scrapbook pages and more. 

Heritage Makers provides on-line tutorials or you can attend a local workshop taught by your certified Heritage Makers consultant.  Search for a consultant near you in the Heritage Directory.

Get started with a free account by going to www.PublishFamilyStories.com

Mom's Paternal Great Grandparents :: Laura Jane ...
True Story


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