Wedding Bells

b2ap3_thumbnail_371.JPGGreg and I started dating on Labor Day of 2005. I went to Thanksgiving with his family in Arizona.  He came to my parents house for New Year's. We went to see the new Joseph Smith movie which was playing at the Liberty Jail. On the way home, Dad gave us the talk.

b2ap3_thumbnail_383.JPGWe got engaged shortly after Valentine's Day. Greg pretended to injure himself with a knife and hid the engagement ring in a first aid kit. It was memorable.

b2ap3_thumbnail_332.JPGWe had an engagement party with my friends, his parents' ward, and his extended Gessel family and we got a group gift from the Darger family. The Gessels helped me plan the reception and paid for most of it as well. The week before our wedding was the anual Gessel reunion at Bear Lake which we attended. I slept in my own two man tent. Years later they built a big cabin which was a great improvement to tents or the old trailer.

b2ap3_thumbnail_367.JPGThe week of our wedding the Gessels held a 24th of July barbecue to get to know my family. It was fun. The day before our wedding we went and got our wedding license in Provo. The night before our wedding I slept at the Wood's house, where my parents were staying.  I got up and went to the hair salon where Lisa did my hair. I used Allison Tayrien Hilton's wedding dress and it was exactly like I would have picked out myself. We used the hot pink skirts and ties from Stefani Tayrien Garner's wedding. The veil was the same one America used. I used Stefani's shoes too, which were flip flops but fairly ill fitting.

Greg and I drove up to the temple together. My Mom was my attendant and then I went and got my temple clothes on and then on to our sealing. My mission president, President Nadauld was able to perform the sealing which was special. They had recently returned from Geneva and I believe it was the first sealing he performed when he got back.

After the sealing I changed into my wedding dress and we headed out for pictures on the temple grounds. Debbie's cousin Todd was doing the pictures. We got a lot of really nice shots. Then we went to the lunch which was held in the Joseph Smith building. Cynthia Gaufin also set me up with a nice bridal photo package and I got my bridals done.

After lunch we went and got more pictures taken at the reception center with our families. The Old Meetinghouse is where it was held. We had a cake bar and many of our friends and relatives were able to attend. I was glad we held a reception where many of my parents' relatives were able to attend. My Grandma Peterson had had a fall a little while before the wedding and wasn't able to attend. I loved how our friends and family supported us on this day. It felt so special.

We cut the cake and then changed into our going away clothes. We headed to a hotel and it felt weird checking in as a newly married couple.


The next day we headed to Las Vegas where we were having our honeymoon. We stayed at the Excalibur Hotel. We went to the Knight show there. We also attended the Penn and Teller show and the Cirque du Soleil show, "Ka." We enjoyed all of our shows, as well as the World Buffet. It was scorching hot outside and we tried to do as much indoors as possible and then went outside at night to see more. It was still very hot, even at night, but we had fun. We headed back on Sunday and moved into our apartment at Wymount. We got a couch from Heidi and Adam who were moving to Washington. Greg's mom, Debbie helped us in our move. She has always been a great help in every challenge.

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