The Story Inside the Photo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet an image doesn’t always tell the whole truth, does it? What better way to right the record than in the voice of the one who knows it best? 


One might look at this photograph and see an ordinary stoop and never know the special memories it brings to Maria LaPlaca Bohrer, author of Sofia’s Stoop Story. The focus of her children's book is the tradition of Sunday dinners at her grandmother’s house in Brooklyn, New York, and the special stories her uncle told from the stoop.


Just as Sofia and her cousins listened to Uncle Frankie’s intriguing story about the day he met Brooklyn Dodgers baseball player, Carl Furillo, her grandmother called on her to buy cheese, bread and pastries. When she returned, the story had ended and Sofia was sad. 

So many of our "legacy photos" become worthless because the story is lost. Fortunately, with the "Legacy Stories" mobile app, you can add your voice to vintage family photographs to create Pict-Oral Memories". And, you will be loved for it by future generations.


Click the photograph below and listen to a story, entitled, "Dad's Donuts," told by Rader Hayes, a member of A shared reflection, whether it's written or narrated, can offer descendants insight into values, relationships and traditions. 


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Margaret Garone, Legacy Coach and Certified Legacy Planner.

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