The House on Redwood Road

From birth to age 8, I lived on 409 Redwood Rd. We listened to "Safety Kids" cassette tapes, Mouse'r'cise  on the record player along with lots of cassettes and records.  We would sing and dance to these and that continued as we grew older. My parents loved classical music and would listen to "Saturday Night Pops" on KXTR the local classical station. If we weren't listening to classical, we were listening to Oldies. My dad loved the Beach Boys and we had some of those tapes in the car with us when we went on our long road trips. We also had The Andrews Sisters tape and tapes and Manheim Steamroller. We would mix our own tapes from the radio, but mom and dad would only listen to oldies or classical.

One of my favorite toys was my Sweet Secret doll. Her head and arms would fold inside her and it would look like a purple locket with a jewel when all put up. I lost her and was sad for the loss.  I also lost my ballet barbie but I never knew where. I asked the neighbor boys, Nathan and Bradley if they had seen it and they said that they threw it on the roof of the neighbor's house that played golf on his front lawn and wasn't too friendly toward the neighborhood kids. I knew and know it was made up now, but I kind of hoped that it was true since that would explain its loss.

We played barbies with Nathan's sisters, Marybeth and Beck Ahring (sp). When we went in their house, we wanted to watch cartoons since our mom didn't allow us to do that at our house. They wanted to play and subsequently weren't invited inside much. We played outside much of the time.

In our back yard we had a big sycamore tree which was an excellent climbing tree. It had little balls that would fall and we could peg each other with as well. Neal fell off a branch one time and broke his arm. Neal could climb from the sycamore tree to our roof and did so a few times.

Around the corner was the Blackwells, a family in our ward. Their dad was our home teacher for a time and we really enjoyed his visits. Their backyard had an apple tree that produced a lot of apples. So we went over to their house many years and helped pick apples, which our mom then made into homemade applesauce.  They had access to a cow and for a while we had fresh whole milk which was delicious. The Picketts later lived in that same house after we moved to Moreland School Road.

The back of our fence was full of black raspberries. We also grew asparagus, tomatoes, strawberries, and my parents put in a grape arbor to make homemade grape juice.

Mom also made her own bread with whole wheat and the bread was always really hard and it was hard to slice into thin slices. So I remember disliking eating that bread and we were so happy when mom finally gave up and got bread from the store.

Mom made us try new foods and I remember that none of us liked liver.

Our next door neighbors to our right had a little boy that was Neal's age that we played He-man with once. Our neighbors across the street and to the right had a boy named Stephen who was Neal's age too. They had a big saint bernard dog.  Our neighbor to the left for many years was Juanita. We kind of adopted her as our grandma. She had no children and when she retired she became a nun. We went and visited her once. Her father was elderly and when he came to visit, he would give us wurthers original butterscotch candies. That was a treat.  After she moved a japanese couple with one child moved in. Our back neighbors were the Thomas family and Bianca was in my grade at school. Next to her were some fun kids that had a trampoline and sometimes they would let us come over and jump. Once we went inside their house and they had a lot of sweet pickle toys.

The Mendozas lived a street away from us. The had a boy who was called Skipper. Mom and his mother traded babysitting a lot. One of his older sisters babysat for us sometimes.  We would ride down couch cushions down the stairs. Mom hid Andes mints on her china cabinet when we lived there.

Upstairs the girls had a room and the boys had a room too. Then our parents had a room. Our parents put a second bathroom in downstairs in the laundry room. Then they put in another bedroom downstairs. There was a fold out couch that grandma strong stayed on once when she came to visit. Uncle Graydon and Aunt Amy came to visit when they were newly weds.

We had a fire escape ladder that came out of Neal's bedroom that was our plan to get out.

The basement had a wood burning stove. Once a bird flew down the chimney and we had to get it out of the house. Dad would heat bricks and wrap them in towels when it was cold and put them in our beds. I was in a bunk bed downstairs with America. We played downstairs most of the time and had dress ups down there as well.

Our parents had a black and white tv with a vcr. We were allowed to watch movies sometimes. Our parents let us watch Indiano Jones and the Last Crusade and it was awesome until the guy melted after drinking out of the incorrect holy grail. On saturday mornings, sometimes Cookie would sneak downstairs and we would watch cartoons like rose petal place.

The Front House on Moreland
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