The Front House on Moreland

We played with Tara the next door neighbor. But she wasn't a great influence on us. She would tell us to do stuff and promise candy or treats. I am hypersensitive to neighbor kids doing that now with my kids. I try and talk to them about situations that might come up and how they should react.

We played on the trampoline a lot. We would go to the road and ask people if they had any grey poupon, a reference to Wayne's World. We loved putting water on the trampoline and making it slippery.  Dad put a spot light on the white garage by the front house and we could jump on it at night. When we had sleepovers sometimes we would sleep outside on the tramp with our friends.

Neal had a sleepover when he turned 12 with his friends. They all slept in the front room.

We had a play place that our parents built in the front yard. Bonnie went down the slide one time backwards and she lost her tooth. She went to the dentist with her tooth in a glass of milk and it got fixed. The Jeppsons gave us a wooden log cabin that you could put together. It was awesome and we played with it for a long time.

The white shed had a big roll of water proof paper that they had gotten at a good deal. It was also packed with boxes and tools. Mom put in a flower garden next to the sidewalk in the front house. Next to the shed she put herbs and vegetables. She loved honey mint tea. My dad hated that it was called tea even though it wasn't green tea because, being mormon we don't drink tea just herbal tea. So he called it honey mint drink.

There was a root cellar where mom and dad kept food storage after it was cleaned out. Robbie Parker helped mom fix it up and put up a sign calling it an outhouse.

We only had four rooms in the front room and 12 people. I was in a room with Neal and Bonnie, with America and Merilee, with Cookie and Canute. We had to rotate kind of so that the house worked smoothly. One time Canute was out front in his diaper. Then after a while, someone from CPS came over. Mom wasn't home and America was the oldest. They were looking through our house to make sure we had enough food. She opened our freezer and food came tumbling out. She then checked the box that said we had food.

My parents didn't allow us to watch tv but we got around that. Neal was a master at recording tv shows on the video recorder or vcr and he would hook it up and play America's Funniest Home Videos and Lois and Clark. We would watch for the van as we watched cartoons when Mom was gone. We could see the station wagon coming up the hill and would turn off the tv. She would sometimes feel the tv and then we were screwed because it would be hot. They put a lock on the tv and we could jam it into the power source and still watch.

My parents put a trailer on the property for added storage. We went in there and explored quite often. We found the 72 hour kit which we and the mice only got into every once in a while. There were lots of wasp nests we had to look out for and there were lots of books that we used as our own little library. We went out there quite often to hang out if it wasn't too hot.





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The House on Redwood Road


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