The Ditch

We were still living in Florida when Dennis and I went down to the Ditch to go fishing.  Dennis was in Kindergarten and we would go after he got home from school.  He only went to school for half a day so it must have been Kindergarten. We were not supposed to go near the ditch. It was very deep and the alligators lived in it.  On  one occasion on the way back from fishing I stepped on the fish hook.  Another time I fell in the ditch. Dennis got me out but I was full of mud.  Mom was really angry and made us stay in the trailer every afternoon when Dennis got home from school for what seemed like forever. I was only allowed out to play in the yard while Dennis was at school.  I for some reason remember eating raw tomatoes while I was out in the yard. Crazy the things that come back to mind.

Mom was a census taker and did a lost of walking.  She was really thin, and  belonged to a roller skating club as well.  Dennis and I went to a birthday party in the park.  They were Mexican and that was the first time we ever saw a pinata.  We had a lot of fun. 

I can remember watching the Arthur Godfrey show, and Captain Kangaroo.  Mr Green Jeans was quite funny. 

My Mom
Blessed as a Child


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