The Catch of a Lifetime

I remember the first time I met Virginia, who was always "Gin" to me.  In fact, I met Gin for the first time when the love of her life, C.W, also met her for the first time. C.W, myself and another friend were going to Arkansas on a fishing trip when we all met Gin, but C.W clearly ended up with the catch of a lifetime.  I really don't think C.W cared much about the fishing trip after he and Gin's eyes met for the first time. If you know C.W well, you know it took a lot to detract him from his fishing.  

Gin and I became friends quickly, much the same way C.W. and I became friends many years earlier.  Their first meeting led to a wonderful wedding ceremony at a beautiful church in the Arkansas mountains.  I was truly honored to be their best man.

Since we lived in different states, we didn't see each other as often as we'd like, but we stayed in touch over the years.  I thought about them often, knowing their love was strong and they were truly happy together in a marriage that was meant to be.

I have so many great memories of spending time with Gin and C.W. and could spend the next several hours writing about them.  I'll just note one story about Gin that I'll always remember.  I was visiting them in Arkansas one spring and planning to do some fishing with C.W.  Gin got up at 4am that morning and made C.W. and I a huge breakfast before we left.  She had a big smile on her face as she said goodbye and wished us good luck on the lake. I can close my eyes and still see that beautiful smile today.

Gin will be missed more than anyone knows as she touched the hearts and lives of so many people, in so many ways.  I know she touched mine in a very special way.

Mike Carr

My Great-Grandpa Jensen
From a Former Student


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