Ask anyone who in their family maintains the family tree and takes the pictures at reunions and celebrations. Without hesitation, "Oh, that's my niece" or "My sister does all that".

These remarkable people are the heart of every family, StoryKeepers  who preserve and manage centuries of family history that can inspire and change lives for generations to come. 

They deserve recognition yet never seek it. Locked in a fascinating world of their own they quietly preserveb2ap3_thumbnail_scan0296.jpg a priceless treasure most family members will never fully appreciate. 

It's about time these unsung heroes are openly acknowledged and celebrated. So, let me first say thank you for your service and let you know that you are appreciated here in the LegacyStories community.

Because of you I would like to establish the first ever StoryKeeper Appreciation Day, celebrated around the world because there are unrecognized StoryKeepers everywhere. 



Tell us the day of year you feel is the right day to celebrate StoryKeepers and explain why in 200 words or less.

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your name, your celebration day choice and the reason why you selected that particular day.

We'll accept recommendations throughout the month of February and announce the winning day in early March. Submissions will be reviewed by our LegacyStories Advisory Team of top industry experts.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Flip-Pal.jpgThe person or group submitting the winning day will receive a Flip-Pal portable photo scanner ($149 value) and a LegacyStories Lifetime Vault ($295 Value). We will also be awarding several consolation prizes so make sure to submit your choice.

If you are not already a LegacyStories member it's free to join and there is no better time to start organizing and rescuing your own legacy content.

Please share this post on your social networks to spread the word about this overdue acknowledgment of these heroes. Also, get your faith-based, ethnic, cultural or family history group involved in the process too!

After the winning day has been selected we'll announce a contest to find the world's favorite family StoryKeepers as voted by our members.

Thank you so much for participating and please let me remind you to spread the word. Go! Go! Go!

Legacy Matters! Pass it on!

Tom Cormier, Co-Founder and Legacy Coach


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