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Check here for the most recent discount codes and offers.

Special Note: We have had issues with upgrades using this supscription software. If the person you are helping to upgrade has issues please ask them first to do the following:

In their profile, click on Account>>then choose Subscription Status>>>then choose Invoices. Ask them to clear any invoices then save and start over by clicking the green Upgrade button again. Tell them to be very careful entering their information as the slightest detail such as address and billing address not matvhching could cause an error. If for any reason tey have trouble please ask them to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will invoice them via PayPal and they can pay with their credit card or wit their PayPal account. Thanks.

Another Special Note: We use two different processors to accept payments. For I-ASK upgrades we use a subscription software. For LegacyStories.org products such as the Tool Chest and Toolkits we use a conventional e-commerce cart. You cannot apply a discount code from one to the other. Products are different than subscriptions. 

To apply a discount code to I-ASK or LegacyStories.org memberships, click to the green UPGRADE button in the website header after logging in, then scroll down the page to view both the LegacyStories and the I-ASK membership grids. Click on the choice. Enter the code in the field and click APPLY to recalculate the amount before entering the credit card information.


Discount codes only apply to the specific memberships associated with the promotion

(Limited Time Offer. HQ may cancel at any time)

Lifetime Membership: $50 discount off the $349 price for a net purchase of $299. Promo code: Y2I5MG (case sensitive).


(Limited time offer. HQ may cancel at any time)

50% discount on any or all current Toolkits. Promo code: 50-50

Free Toolkits: Until further notice all I-ASK Members will receive the Keepsakes, Loved Ones and Photos Toolkits at no cost. To receive your one time discount code please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When making the purchase select any one of the three available toolkits, then click "Buy Now", then click "Continue Shopping" and select the remaining 2 toolkits, then "Go to Cart". You'll see all three toolkits on the checkout page. Apply the discount code and click Save to reduce the price to zero. Then checkout.





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Mt Rainier, June 2011