Senior Year 2

Greg and I had gotten married in July and we moved into the Wymount apartments. We got super lucky and scored a one bedroom apartment with a study which was less expensive than a two bedroom but was bigger than a one and they are very hard to come by.

That summer I had done an internship at KODJ and Clear Channel radio. Our big shin dig was the Beach Boys concert. Me and another intern got to dance on stage with them  for the last song after helping them out all afternoon. I knew all the songs and it was a blast.

I took a paid internship for Schooled Magazine for the fall semester. I  thought it would help my resume. It added on to my busy schedule.

We went to Thanksgiving in Arizona again. We also were able to go down to St. George to attend the sealing of Bizzy and Brad with their newest adopted daughter. Anson got engaged toTenille and they got married over Christmas break. Katrina Hofheins and Noah Van Cott got married one day before. We left the day after Christmas and drove all day so I could attend a little of Katrina's reception and then attend the next day the sealing of Anson and Tenille in Salt Lake and then drove to Idaho for their reception. 

I could have finished my last classes in December but decided that I should spread it out a little and just finish my bachelor's degree winter semester when Greg finished his master's degree in chemical engineering.

Greg went down to interview at Exxon Mobil in November. He received an offer there and was also interviewing at Flying J. Greg's uncle Clark had worked for Exxon and currently worked at Flying J and told Greg to go to Exxon. So we accepted the offer.

We flew down in February to set up our housing. Our plan was to rent for 6 months and then buy a house. We found only one apartment that did 6 month contracts and ended up staying there for 18 months.

We graduated in April and stayed in Provo until after Spring semester so Greg could defend his thesis.

We moved to Houston in July 2007.

moving to Houston
Senior Year 1


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