Senior Year 1

I moved back to Regency in time for Spring term but I was just looking for a job and working. I got back to school on the greyhound bus. Lots of my mission friends showed up at the bus depot to pick me up. I lived with Liz Haake, Nicole Jeffreys, Michelle Knaack and Katrina Nye. Then for Summer term I moved into the other ward and was going to live with Merilee.

Liz had a crush on a boy named Greg Gessel. As a consequence of this attraction, she invited his apartment over many times to play board games. I also liked to play and so we got to be friends with them. The other roommates were Gary Gessel, Sam Schwendiman and Josh Greene.

That summer I hung out with Katrina Van Cott, Leann Malzer, Desi Morrell and Rachel Jones as well as my roommates and a few other mission friends like Mike Erekson. I started dating someone that went to our mission but finished right when I was starting. He was in my ward and we dated for about a month. At the end of summer I was hanging out with Greg's apartment still quite a bit and I decided that I liked Greg even though my roommate did too. She was planning on serving a mission and so I said to myself that if I had to, I could wait until December to date Greg. 

One night their apartment invited us to go to a bonfire. We all drove up in Gary's friends' car. I was talking to Greg and everyone else decided to go on a little walk leaving the two of us alone there. We just kept talking and decided to go to the pet shop the next day to pick out some new fish for Greg's fish tank. We hung out on labor day after Greg got back from making a movie with his friend Steve. He got a vcr from his parents house so we could watch, "High Strung," one of my favorite movies. We started hanging out every day from then on and basically started dating. That same week, his brother Gary had his birthday dinner on the 12 of September. Everyone came down to Provo to eat out. Greg said that they were done and to come to his house. I got there and his whole family was still there just getting ready to leave and I imagined, just to see me.

One of our first dates, was a group date where we went to Comedy Sportz and ate KFC. I don't like eating meat off bones and so Greg picked the chicken off the bones for me and it was a really nice gesture for him to do.

We lived with Emily Ward, Alina Gutierez, Megan Turner, another Megan and I can't recall the other name right now. Megan and the other girl and I all got engaged that year. The othe girl got married over Christmas and then Alina moved in.

For Thanksgiving I knew Merilee had to work at the MTC cafeteria for lunch. I knew Greg had family in Utah so I asked him what he was doing that day. I was trying to figure out something that Merilee could come with me for. So I tried to hint to Greg, not knowing that his family all went down to Arizona and stayed with his Aunt Donnie for thanksgiving with his mom's family. So finally he asked his parents and aunt if I could come and they said yes. I met his parents for dinner up the canyon once also before Thanksgiving.

We all drove down in their minivan and it was about a 12 hour drive to Queen Creek. We stopped at Grandpa and Grandma Darger's house first, it was down the street from Aunt Donnie's. Then the cousins all went over to the Call's house. We went back to Donnie's to sleep. I was very confused by all of the cousins, but I wasn't overwhelmed being from a big family of 10 kids myself.

They were all open and loving and made me feel like I could be a great addition to their family. They held Thanksgiving in a local chapel and the girls set up the night before and then went to dinner at a mexican restaurant.

The next day everyone went over to the church with the food and started nibbling on appetizers. There were lots of board games set up and movies in a couple rooms.

On Saturday there was a couples date night. We picked up some food and went to the Calls and played more games. Then we drove home on Sunday. 

Greg got a plane ticket to visit my family over Christmas break. He met my dad at a Xango banquet in SLC that Merilee and I also went to. It wasn't really our thing. We weren't  seeing other people but Greg wasn't big on sharing his feelings.

My Grandma was always asking about the status of our relationship. Right after Valentines day came, she told me that the next time Greg called me I should be unavailable so he would get the message that he should be more serious about us. I told him about it when he called and the funny thing is, if I had done that, I would've missed Greg's proposal that night.  He invited me over to hang out. He was in the kitchen toasting some bagels and then "cut his hand". He told me to get some paper towels and then to look for some bandages in the closet in a first aid kit. I am not good with blood and emergencies so I asked if any of his roommates was around or if we should call someone else like an ambulance. He told me it wasn't quite that bad and then I found this little tiny first aid kit. I started going through it and it had some tylenol and a few bandaids and I was telling him that there wasn't anything in there that would help him. I got to the bottom and he had taped a diamond ring. That is when I finally figured out that it was a set up. So then he got on his knee and proposed. We called our parents and told them our news.

With all of my siblings we couldn't get the schedules to work until July 26, 2006 and that is when we got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. So many of my mission friends were able to go and so many of our relatives it was truly the greatest day.

Greg was tutoring me in College Algebra.. He told me that if I didn't get my C that I had to get or retake the class, he would wake me up every day with a math problem. That was one of the things that spurred me on to study hard for that final. Who wants to wake up to a math problem each day?

Senior Year 2
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