Legacy Matters Welcome Program- Lesson 4


Welcome Neighbor Activity

The Legacy Matters Program is designed to help assimilate newcomers into the community at large. An activity that  makes them the "stars of the show" is part of the plan.  You will work with the Activity Director to create--and preferably participate in--periodic Welcome Neighbor activities where the completed DVDs of the new resident(s) will be aired.  Not only will the Activity Director appreciate your technical expertise, you will get to see the reactions of the featured residents--a reward in itself.

Family Night Activities

When you have collected at least 5 residents' Legacy Matters Programs completed, suggest to the facility administrator that you host a family night activity to show a DVD movie of them.  Start with a brief explanation of the Living Legacy Project and show one of the LLP video before you show the movie of the residents, people the family members actually know. Make sure you have plenty of profile sign-up sheets on hand!

This is where you have an opportunity to meet the families of residents who may want to hire you for more services and to encourage other residents to ask their families to do the same for them.

You cycle is complete. This sounds like a whole lot of work for $80. Once you've completed 2 or 3 cycles you'll find that most of this is basic protocol and process so don't feel overwhelmed. It's important to know the process just like learning any business procedure at first. Not only will this turn into a significant income opportunity for you, it will also open up vast opportunities for additional business. The heavy lift is in helping the facility with their 30 day trial. After that it's a simple and easy process.

At some point should you choose the path of accepting add-on business, you'll want to recruit and train CLAs to help with other residents at which time you can earn some extra commissions on their work.

If you are willing to forgo the I-ASK Membership commissions for signing up the facility we will make the initial sales calls for you and your job would be to simply demonstrate and implement the program.  For that option please send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Keep in mind that remote selling is not nearly as effective as a personal sales call and it is possible we could lose the opportunity for that facility if they are not open to discussing at a distance. It is your call but we will do our best on your behalf. You're done!!!


The Legacy Matters Welcome Program includes a slide show archival DVD.  

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The Family Night Activity is for family members of new residents     T        F

Welcome Neighbor activities are designed to introduce the staff and other residents to new residents      T       F

Copy and paste these questions and your answers into an email and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Upon acceptance plan for a phone interview with Dennis Stack to personally assist with your strategy.


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