Now that 2012 is becoming a distant memory I will undoubtedly forget much of what happened as time rolls on. So, I thought I'd write some random thoughts while they are fresh on my mind. 

The biggest elephant in the room for me has been the all-consuming challenge of building the Living Legacy Project and its elements. Although I have been faced with daily demands most people would avoid, the rewards have far outweighed the disappointments.

I have met some of the nicest people ever and made friends that will last forever. I have come to know that people who care about preserving life stories or keeping the family tree are truly the heart of the family and that most are unappreciated.

We have engaged people in all parts of the country to take a first step towards building their legacy. I witnessed the excitement when people get their first taste and I absolutely LOVE how those who support the effort have taken it personally, regardless of being paid for their service.

I have enjoyed working with Christine as always because she knows exactly how to lend a hand without getting in the way and understands my shortcomings better than anyone. She started her own legacy business this year and was so proud when she showed me a check made out to her for $100. It made her day and validtated her service.

I couldn't possibly count all the blessings I have and the gratefulness to still have them including a happy marriage, wonderful sons, healthy and happy 84 year-old parents, siblings, nieces and nephews that are productive citizens and talented beautiful people, and even my aging dogs, Bob and Banjo, turning 13 and 14 respectively.

Considering all the horrific events of the past year from Syria to Sandy to Newtown and more, and the enormous stresses of the election and the following cliff talk, it's amazing that I can be hopeful about 2013. Yet I am. I. as much as anybody, should be optimistic. I resolve to bring people together so they can celebrate their differences through story. Based on the ever growing divisiveness of our government and people, we may be the only hope of saving humanity today and tomorrow. I am glad to spend my time in this positive environment and strive to keep the "us versus them" out of this project.