I hurt.
You told me that you care.
&quo t;What can I do?" you asked.
Let me tell you.
Link action with your words.
Hug my neck, hold me tight.
Call me, come and see me.
Let me share, l
ook me in the eye.
I need to talk, and cry, and hurt.
I need to do those things.
Let me.

Don't look at me with shock, 
And condemnation.
I feel those things already.
Remember that healing takes time.
If you can't see immediate results,
Don't assume that I love my grief,
Or that I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

Affirm me
I need you,
I need to believe in me. 
Tell me that I have worth.
Tell me again and again!

Tell me that the sun will shine once more.
Encourag e me to hope.
Let me be human.
When I fall, don't walk on me.
Pick me up, carry me if you must.

Little things mean a lot-
A fresh baked cookie, a
bottle of bath oil, 
A hug, a card, a
&nbs p;call.
Anything to let me know that y
ou know
I exist.

Don't pretend that I can handle it alone.
It's okay that you don't know what to say or do,
Neither do I.
I have never walked this way before.
Just don't stop trying, please.

Help me to walk again;
To be whole once more,
And when I am,
I will touch another with that same love.

Perhaps someday you will need me -
And I will come to you,
As you came to me.

- Ronda Knuth

Mr. Christmas
Perks of the Trade


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