The Payson Chronicle came out with a news article "Golden Adams Now a Certified Legacy Advisor" today, 19 Sep 2012.  Along with the article is a photo of me holding the new "Legacy Matters" Program launced earlier this month.  It will be interesting to see if I have any contacts as a result of this article. The article was the press release written by Tom Cormier, President of LegacyStories as part of the media kit for the FGS conference in Birmingham, Alabama three weeks ago.

The article reads: The Lliving Legacy Project is a ambitious initiative to preserve, archive, and share the living history of the 20th century.  Libraries of personal history and the ability to connect to the past with first person testimony are being lost as our grandparents pass away by the thousands each day.

"Whle interest in searching for ancestor records is growing rapidly, the person recollections of our elders represent the closest connection to those records.  There is precious little time to preserve that connection" says Tom Cormier, founder.

"Equally as threatened are the billions of vintage photos and old media deteriorating in the closets and shelves of our elders, the least knowledgeable about digitizing legacy media.  This is the personally recorded history of the 20th century and without immediate assistance and attention it will regrettably vanish.  It will take a massive effort to save it."

The Project has three main conponnts:

(1) The International Association of Story Keepers (I-ASK), a boots on the ground netword of heritage professionals providing free community awareness presentations and fee-based assistance where needed.  Members come from all heritage disciplines; genealogists, personal historians, digital media specialists, and others.  Members take an online Certified Legacy Advisor course to maintain a consistent message and consulting process.

(2) LegacyStories.Org is the official archive, meeting place and sharing network for the Project.  The site provides everything to help build and pass on a personal legacy and/or the legacy of an ancestor with features such as: Multi-media blogs for story telling, Talking Photos, a new technology to record oral narratives of vintage photos, Audio uploads for preserving oral histories and vintage recordings, Books and tapes on genealogy, memoir writing etc., Access to major data records organizations, Story prompts to move beyond the blank page, Directory of local I-ASK experts, Directory of genealogical and historical societies.

COMING SOON: A pilot program demonstrating FamilySearch's new Media Connection feature where legacy stories can be linked to one of over 2.5 billion person records in the Family Tree archive.

(3) The Legacy Matters Program was developed as a means to help elders and families take immediate action to save their person history.  The program is administered by I-ASK's Certified Legacy Advisors (with background checks) who assist elders with recording 5 oral narratives of vintage family photos, upload them to a free LegacyStories.Org profile, and burn a slide show of the narratives onto archival DVDs for posterity.

Together, all three components provide opportunity to heritage pros while perserving the living history of our time.

Contact Golden at 801-762-7460 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.