Our New house

My parents built the back house because we really needed the extra space. America went to BYU the fall before the house was finished. The house was finished in December so she never got to have her own room. Our parents said that the oldest would henceforth always get their own room.

Cookie started out downstairs. Merilee and I shared a room down there until Cookie graduated and then I inherited her room. Bonnie was the hardest to share a room with. She had her own room upstairs. She picke out her carpet by finding the softest carpet and then choosing that one. It was off white and so hard to keep clean but it was fine.

Neal was in the big room with one of the little boys until he was a senior. The other little boys were next door.  In the front house the little boys rarely had a bed of their own and that didn't really change in the big house. My parents were big fans of bunk beds. They had three sets at one time. They were also fans of water beds.

Brother Brookes made my parents a raised platform bed with drawers underneath. Then they put a waterbed on top. Neal's room had a waterbed in it in the new house and then when someone moved we got a waterbed in Merilee's room and then a waterbed in my room.

We got the Fletcher's air hockey table when they moved and got a lot of enjoyment out of that. Downstairs we had some wrestlers mats, couches and a love seat. My parents had gotten tons of movies when a movie rental place went out of business. So the whole wall was full of  vhs movies. We played down there and watched movies.

My parents had someone put a sidewalk in front of the new house. We all put our hand prints in the concrete to put our mark on it. I put my foot print in, to be different and Merilee made a baby foot print out of her hand and fingers.

Mom and Dad put in a bomb shelter. It was really a place for food storage and when bad weather came we went into the basement and had the option of going into the bomb shelter if it got really bad.

Sophomore Year BYU
BYU freshman year


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