Not A Notebook....Exactly

On the road…again!
Afghanistan to Zambia
Chronicles of a Footloose Forester
By Dick Pellek


Not A Notebook, Exactly…But It Does Note Something About The Past


As a way to share news with family and friends, some 25 years ago the Footloose Forester started sending out semi-annual Newsletters to them.  He kept that practice up with the hopes that they would reciprocate and share family news with him. Getting less than a 10% response rate from anybody for two decades was hint enough that although many people said that they enjoyed reading the Newsletters, their reactions most often came when we were face-to-face at a wedding or a funeral, months or even years later.  As the years rolled on, the Footloose Forester sought other ways to communicate and still have a sense of satisfaction in sharing with others some things that they might enjoy reading.  Social networks are very good alternatives. You click on the send button only when you are ready, and read only the things you really want to read.

The Footloose Forester never believed that computer technology was going to lead to a paperless world; there is now more junk mail in our mailbox than ever.  But computer archives are far better than stacks of single sheets of paper that tend to get ripped, mis-filed, or misplaced.



Luckily, the ragged piece of paper that fell out from one of his photo albums can be shared with others before it gets shredded.  Here then, is another piece of evidence that suggests that some of the seemingly outlandish stories of the Footloose Forester had a factual basis.


Treasure Hunt One 5 years old


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