moving to Houston

We moved to a one bedroom apartment in the Woodlands. We had heard good things about that place and since we had visited just once and gone to the aquarium and the space center, that was the extent of our knowledge.

I started looking for jobs. I went to an interview and the 2nd interview a person took me in her truck around to local businesses to try to get them to change their credit card machines. I was flattered when they offered me the job but it wasn't for me. I went to another interview and the same thing happened. The first interview was normal but the second one a person took me to a "trade show" read gas station to introduce people to their product. I was dressed in interview clothes and it was a smeltering hot August day in Houston. They guy tried to talk me into accepting a position there but there was no way.

After that I started working at temp agencies. I worked at the airport for a while and then after Thanksgiving I started to nanny for my visiting teaching companion, Raquel King. She was an engineer working from home and had one little baby. We would talk a lot and started cooking dinner together and splitting the meals because there were only four of us and then I didn't have to go home at 5 and then cook. I worked for her until January when she lost her job and I started nannying for Christi and Dave Tippets. They were also in the Woodlands 1st ward in the North Houston stake until it got split into the spring, texas stake. Raquel helped me get through the miscarriage of my first baby. She had also experience that loss and was such a comfort to me.

I continued working for the Tippets another year. I got pregnant again and the baby, a boy was due for August 2009. I was very sick and tired and it was hard to keep working. I told my sister, Bonnie, to come live with us and take over my nannying duties, over the summer. I was pregnant and ready to be done with that.

We started looking for a house in February of that year. We lived on the third floor apartment and I didn't want to have to carry a baby up all of those stairs.

While we were in that ward I played the organ, just like in our BYU ward at Wymount. Greg and I were also team teachers for the 7-8 year old and then the sunbeams. We also were the ward reps for Youth Conference for 2008. Greg went to Angola for a few weeks and ended up missing it, but I went.

We found our house and closed on April 14, 2009. We moved in and Bonnie was there to help us move. It took the ward only a few hours to move us from our one bedroom into our 3000 square foot house on Trinity Park Lane. 

We moved into the Oak Ridge ward. Greg was called to the Scout committe in charge of fund raising. I was called to  play the piano in Relief Society.

When we went in for our ultra sound we had the name, Luke Gregory Gessel picked out for a boy but nothing for a girl. So we were pleased to find out we were having a boy. We had our first child, Luke Gregory Gessel on August 24, 2009. I missed Grandma Peterson's funeral as she died a few days before I had him. I like to think that she left to prepare him to come to us. I went 10 days over due. I went in the night before to Hermann Memorial Hospital in the Woodlands and they started the inducement process. I went into labor but never really progressed to they advised we have a c-section before it became an emergency. Bonnie was able to be there and Greg was there even though he had to skip training for the United Way Exxon program. I was exhausted and felt too weak to hold the baby that first day for longer than a minute.

Bonnie got off a little early the next day and hung out iwith me in the hospital. She had to go back to school a few days later. Greg had to attend training the next few days and I stayed in the hospital until friday and I had checked in on Sunday night.

I wasn't supposed to do much of anything and took it slow for the next 6 weeks. Mark and Debbie came out for Labor Day and helped for a week.

We went to Arizona for Thanksgiving. The two years previously, we had gone to the Eyerly's house near Tyler, Texas. It was fun to be with them and play games.

Christmas 2009 we had my parents and siblings come to our house. I didn't want to travel with the baby.

We went to Christmas at Greg's parents again in 2010 and I had another miscarriage. Both my miscarriages happened there over Christmas just a few years apart. It was hard. I didn't tell Mark and Debbie then because after the first one, when we went to the hospital on Christmas day, we figured that it would either happen, or not and we couldn't do much about it. I had to get a d and c after we got home that year.

I was called briefly to play as the primary pianist and the ward choir pianist. Our ward was split into the Imperial Oaks ward. I was called as a helper for Brynn and that was they first non-piano related calling I had had for many years. Then I was called to be the ward girl's camp leader and I was elated. I had always loved attending girls camp.

I was able to go the Darger girl's reunion with Luke and Caroline and by myself a few years. Debbie and her sisters always got together around February to shop and hang out. It was really fun. One year we stayed at Stefani and Bretts and another we stayed at Brittany and Austin's. I usually stayed at Donnie's or Grandma Darger's at least part of the time. I enjoyed getting to know Greg's family better.

Greg and I planned a five year anniversary trip back to our missions when Greg had a work meeting in Cannes, France. I dropped Luke off at Grandma Debbie's house in Utah and met Greg for his last day. We went our around Cannes, Nice, Florence, Venice, Geneva, Lyon and Paris. It was an exhausting trip but it was fun to return to our previous stomping grounds. We ate lots of kebabs. Greg hadn't really had them before. I found "Succes" in Lyon and that was a good treat. I showed him the Parc Tete D'or and my old mission apartment. We found out on that trip that I was pregnant again.

Bonnie stayed with us again and nannied for the Tippets again. It was fun to hang out with her over those summers.

 When I was considering what I thought our baby would be, I thought it would be a girl and I came up with the name Caroline Paige. So Bonnie and I would talk about Caroline Paige months before I found out it would be a girl. My plan was to wear Greg down with the name. So when I went to the ultra sound and it was a girl, I was excited. We didn't have any names for a boy that we could agree on. We called Greg's parents and told them and then Greg said, do you want to tell them the name. I was so surprised that he was actually agreeing to the name and so we told them.  

We drove to Missouri for Christmas that year. We took family pictures and I was very pregnant.  They had  shower for me.

I had a planned c-section for february 22, 2012. It was ash wednesday and I told a nurse that she had something on her face, it was ash. So I felt embarrassed. The Gessels came in to town that day to help. They watched Luke and then came to the hospital and held the baby and introduced her to Luke. 

Mom and Dad came for spring break as they did every year. The first year, when were still in our apartment, Cookie's family came and they all stayed in our apartment. Christian and Josh were still living at home, so they were there too. It was fun for them to help out too. Mom came on a camp out with me and we stayed until dark but I did not camp out.Mom and Dad came again over spring break and Christian came too right before he left to go to Taiwan on his mission in 2013.

A few weeks later my parents family home burned to the ground. They are completing it May 2015 hopefully.That summer, Debbie came and watched the kids while I attended girls camp. I went during the day and drove home at night to feed the baby and then went back again the next day. I did skip Thursday. I went to camp again the next year and Debbie watched my kids again. I was pregnant by this time with Caleb. 

Cookie and Jim came to our house for Thanksgiving. Then we invited all the siblings to our house for Christmas. America was having her baby and our parents were going there to help out.

I was called as the 2nd counselor in the Young Women's Presidency. I had Caleb January 31, 2014 in a scheduled c-section. Debbie and Mark came again to help.

Greg's church job was as 11 year old scout leader and then as Scoutmaster. He had that calling until June when they split the ward again. We went into the newly created Imperial Falls Ward. They split the Sunday before girl's camp. I went up only for testimony meeting. Greg was called into the nursery and I was called into activity days. I was later called to do nursery as well to help out. By this time, Caleb was old enough that attending class with him was a chore, so I was relieved to get this calling. 

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