Mini Reunion - Class of 1959 - Catching Up


                                                                                      Class of '59 


On a golden autumn afternoon my husband Jack and I arrived hours late for a mini reunion to join my classmates from Farragut High School Class of 1959.  Our high school, 12 miles south of Knoxville, Tennesse, was then in a rural community.  As years have passed that school is now one of the largest if not the largest in the Knoxville area.  The only similarity to our school of the '50s is the name.  

One member of our class with more family cares than most of us has kept us connected over the years through notes, whether rejoicing over special achievements or more often informing us about the ones who need a special word of encouragement.  

With several from our class enduring serious illness and a third of the 54 already passed, Gail Pearce Armstrong decided we needed to get together.  And in her gracious, giving spirit she and her husband Gordon made it happen last Monday afternoon, Columbus Day.

Tables were beautifully decorated in fall colors and a meal of southern delicacies including a table of mouth-watering desserts was enjoyed by all.  Gail did all the cooking assisted by her daughters Susan and Debbie and a friend of Debbie, who served.     

I was glad to not be put to the test as I was a few years ago when I arrived late for a 'girls' reunion from our class to then be challenged to go around and name my classmates!!  Oh, boy!

However, the other afternoon, just like before, it only took a brief few moments for the memories to take over and those faces to soon belong to the people I remembered.  

What meant the most  was the genuine regard and caring that enveloped us as we visited.  Each of us arrived carrying our own battle scars from life, but that day we were able to just 'be' and share laughs and stories about the old days and how our lives used to be.

Time passed quickly.  As we bid goodbye, plans were announced for a Christmas 'get-together'.  As much as I would like to return, guess I'll save up for meeting next year, our 55th. 


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