Lena Bogan

Her Story


     Lena Delilah Bogan was born on October 5th ,1887 at Breckenridge, Caldwell Co. Missouri to Robert H. Bogan (b.Mar. 17,1847 Mo.-d.Jan.13,1939 Mo.) and Zilpha E. (Johnson) Bogan (b. Aug. 20,1864 Pa.-d. Jan.01,1962- Mo.).  She was the middle child in the family.  She had two older brothers, Robert Henry Bogan-1848-1939, and William Casper Bogan-1884-1886, and two younger sisters, Alta Glenis Bogan-1890-1971, and Rilla Aleda Bogan-1893-1969. Both of her parents Robert and Zilpha Bogan are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Breckenridge, Mo.

     Her years of growing to adulthood were spent living at Breckenridge , Missouri.  On September ,6th1905, she joined in marriage with Wiley Adolphus James of Webster, Missouri ,son of John B.James (1843-1915) and Flora Elizabeth Fish (1855-1925).

     The 1910 census shows the couple living in Breckenridge, Missouri.  At this time the couple had two sons, Hubert V.(1906) and Chester A.(1908)

       The 1920 census has the family residence at Monroe, in Daviess Co. Mo. With four more children Offa P. (1918-2006). Winok F. (1912), Pauline M.( 1911), Loyd E. (1915), and Ester (1917-2010 , making the total of children at 6. Same address for the 1930 census with one more son and one more daughter. Dean O. (1925-2003) , and Helen L.(1923)

     Wiley listed his occupation in the 1940 census as farmer, and the family had moved to Sampsell, in Livingston, Co. Missouri.  Lena’s husband Wiley passed away in January of 1966, and is buried in Breckenridge, Missouri at Rose Hill Cemetery.

     Lena (Bogan ) James died in March 1977, at Jamesport, Missouri and is buried at Rose Hill cemetery in Breckenridge, Mo.

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