Legacy Matters Gift Certificates


For a lot of people the Legacy Matters Program is something they would buy for someone else rather than for themselves. For that, we've created a Legacy Matters gift certificate that can be coupled with the DVD. The DVD labels are screen printed with licensed corporate branding and burned with the demo video shown above. Ordering information is found at the bottom of this lesson and in your Project Resources.

The image on the left below depicts the Legacy Matters DVD label. The image on the right depicts the gift certificate. You will need to download and print the gift certificates since they are personalized with your own information.

The back side of the certificate is intentionally left blank. This is so you can glue or tape a business card or write a personal message. For your presentation demo it's a good idea to create a mock certificate with a message on the back. This way the prospect can visualize how it can work for them.

The certificate MUST be accompanied by the DVD or the recipient will not fully realize thoughtfulness of the gift.

After downloading the certificate, click on the "To redeem contact" lines and a text box appears so you can type in your personal contact information. We'll discuss the gift certificates more later in this lesson.


You'll develop your own way to speak to people about legacy but it's important to have a brief statement that evokes interest for more information. Use the Legacy Matters Program as a way to introduce the concept of legacy to people who are yet unaware of its importance, and to give them a "taste'" of their own legacy. All things flow from there. The more people you speak to the quicker you will acquire those 12 key clients.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some states have strict laws regarding gift certificates requiring no expiration date and/or clearly displayed issue and expiration dates. Since every state is different make sure you check and comply with yours. You can see where to write the information in the appropriate areas at the bottom of the certificate. 

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