One of the most profitable opportunities to pursue is the Financial Services genre. These can include brokers or agents in life insurance, financial planners, reverse mortgages, estate planners and the like. 

In these sectors there is a growing need to etsablish a more personal conection with the family. In fact, the entire financial industry is finally acknowledging that it is the wife and not the husband who will ultimately control the family estate and not the husband.

In many cases these decisions are already being made by both which is the best way. But, until recently, the primary focus has been on selling the husband. leaving the wife out of the financial picture. Bad decision guys!!


When speaking to financial planners and brokers you must understand what motivates them to consider buying the Legacy Matters Program for their clients. Of course, once presenting the program with the video and collateral you may find that the broker wants the program for him or herself or for the parents or grandparetns.

But, the primary motivation will be to gain a deeper personal relationship with the client's family or in most cases, with the wife. To bring this point home we refer to a book called "The 14 Trillion Dollar Woman". This book is loaded with data and real life examples of how it will be the woman of the family who will control the estate.

Here are some of the facts to consider:

  • The largest transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is occuring and wil for the next 18 years. 
  • As has been the case forever, the husband will die before the wife in most cases.   
  • 72% of wives change financial planners or brokers after the husband dies
  • Without a concerted effort by financial planners and and brokers to establish a deeper personal relationship with the wife of the family, they will lose a high percentage of their book. 

What better way to win the loyalty of a family than to show sincere care for the family legacy? This is why the Legacy Matters Program is so desirable. 

Soon we wil create a presentation video just for this purpose. For now you can download this Powerpoint presentation. Click to download: Financial Services Powerpoint Presentation


Step One- Show the Legacy Matters Program sampler video below. Make sure you're prepared with good audio from your PC speakers or a sound system.:


Download this video to your PC desktop by clicking HERE. Scroll to below the video player and click the "Download" button. Then RIGHT CLICK on the download file and "Save page as". 

Step Two- Show the Financial Services Powerpoint presentation. Download by cicking on this link: Financial Services Powerpoint Presentation

Step Three- Show the branded Legcy Matters Pict-Oral History DVD and jewel case cover with the financial services logo that was included in your sales kit. Then show a sample of a gift certificate. Remember that you MUST include a Legacy Matters DVD with the Pict-Oral History sampler video or the Legacy Matters Program video on a DVD with the gift certificate to be sent to the client as a tandem package. It's important that both are part of the gift certificate package so the client can view the DVD and better appreciate the gift that received. Download the Gift Certificate

b2ap3_thumbnail_gift-certificate.jpg  b2ap3_thumbnail_financial.jpg

Step Four- Take the order and enter the information on the gift certificate log. Certlog.xls

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