The Legacy Matters Program with its 5 talking photos, archival DVD and online slideshow is the gift that keeps on giving. Use the video below to show individuals, families and groups how anyone can secure an honored place in family history for themselves or a loved one. You can also play the video from the demo DVD referenced below or send people to the Legacy Matters web page at: https://www.legacystories.org/about/legacy-matters-family.

Download the video to play from your laptop or play from the website on the page referenced above. You may wish to burn the video onto a DVD in the event you can only show with a DVD player on a TV set. Having the video ready to play on your laptop's desktop is really handy in the event you are unable to access internet where you are presenting, or if the internet is slow and choppy. 

 Take 3 minutes to view this video now



For a lot of people the Legacy Matters Program is something they would buy for someone else rather than for themselves. For that, we've created a Legacy Matters gift certificate that must be coupled with a DVD. The DVD labels are screen printed with licensed corporate branding and burned with the demo video shown above. Ordering information is found at the bottom of this lesson and in your Project Resources.

The image on the left below depicts the Legacy Matters DVD label. The image on the right depicts the gift certificate. You will need to download and print the gift certificates since they are personalized with your own information.

The back side of the certificate is intentionally left blank. This is so you can glue or tape a business card or write a personal message. For your presentation demo it's a good idea to create a mock certificate with a message on the back. This way the prospect can visualize how it can work for them.

The certificate MUST be accompanied by the DVD or the recipient will not fully realize thoughtfulness of the gift.

After downloading the certificate, click on the "To redeem contact" lines and a text box appears so you can type in your personal contact information. We'll discuss the gift certificates more later in this lesson.


You'll develop your own way to speak to people about legacy but it's important to have a brief statement that evokes interest for more information. Use the Legacy Matters Program as a way to introduce the concept of legacy to people who are yet unaware of its importance, and to give them a "taste'" of their own legacy. All things flow from there. The more people you speak to the quicker you will acquire those 12 key clients.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some states have strict laws regarding gift certificates requiring no expiration date and/or clearly displayed issue and expiration dates. Since every state is different make sure you check and comply with yours. You can see where to write the information in the appropriate areas at the bottom of the certificate.

Download these files:

Order branded demo DVDs

  • $3 each-minimum order-10
  • $6 shipping and processing
  • Orders over 30 free shipping

Send order request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Include your name, mailing address and email address. We will send an invoice via PayPal. DVDs are shipped within 5 days from receipt of funds.


Aside from your personal network the Legacy Matters gift certificate is perfect for any business with clients they have had for years or would not want to lose. Every business has them, the top 3, 5 or 10 customers the owner will do anything to keep.

Relationship building is the key to securing long term customers and most businesses know this. Personalizing the relationship between business and customers is even more critical. Can you think of a more intimate and generous way to establish a personal bond with a client than to give the gift of legacy? And, to think a business could buy their client's loyalty for the upcoming year or even for life for only $99 (raw files only) or $149 (with slideshow)!! What a bargain.

You MUST present the program in such a way as the business owner recognizes it would only be for those top tier clients they cannot afford to lose. Otherwise, you may get a response such as, "I already bought my customers calendars." Remind them that this is ONLY for their BEST customers! Are any of them worth $100?"

It's the thought that counts and when a treasured customer opens up the DVD mailer envelope and sees a Legacy Matters Gift Certificate accompanied by the Legacy Matters DVD, they will recognize a considerable amount of thought went into this special gift. The goal is to retain that client for a longer period of time.

Consider this: While you are speaking with a business owner it is likely that on that very day or in the recent past or in the near future a competitor is doing everything to entice the client into changing over. A fine bottle of wine or a branded day-timer may cause the client to stop and think before leaping but not likely. However, when they have been given the gift of legacy, whether they have yet experienced the program or not, there is a logical reason to pause. This pause can be the difference between maintaining or losing a key customer or client. This is how to position the program when speaking to almost any business owner.

There is no end to the types of businesses which this applies to and with a little bit of work on the networking worksheets provided below you'll discover how many you already know before venturing out to the greater community.

These are only a sampling of business types:

  • Financial planners and advisors (Must not exceed $100 per gift certificate value in the U.S.)
  • Florists
  • Auto dealers
  • Builders
  • Landscapers
  • Any of the trades
  • Professionals, real estate, title companies, accountants, etc

Think beyond the lucrative but obvious Christmas gifts. The gift certificates are not limited just to holidays. There are so many other ways businesses can use these to their benefit:

  • Thank you for new client
  • Appreciation for contract
  • Incentive to sign a contract
  • Buy-now incentive
  • Thinking of you
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • New home

All you need to do is play the 5 minute DVD and don't be surprised if the business owner doesn't say, "I'd like to buy one for my own mother since we lost Dad", or something to that effect. Be creative and use the program and certificates to your advantage to create a backlog of upcoming business for yourself while at the same time being paid for the service entirely upfront. Get out there and start passing around the DVDs today!!


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