Hi Everyone,

Very few people ever write their own epitaph. Yet an epitaph is often the only way will be remembered beyond a birth and death date. 

An epitaph can be the single life statement that entices future generations to learn more about you, much like a good book title makes us want to read the subtitle, then the inside flap, the back cover and eventually the story completely.

Writing your epitaph is not something to take lightly and it is not something to put off because you never know....

Take time to reflect upon and write your epitaph. What would you want people to know about you in 20 words or less? What is the headline to your story?

Force yourself to write, rewrite, edit, rewrite again and make those 20 words the most important you have ever composed.

Don't let this opportunity pass. Ironically, life itself will bury your epitaph in noise. Keep this email until you have completed this Legacy Lesson. 

Log in to www.LegacyStories.org to add your epitaph to your Legacy Portfolio. Create a new Story Page in your Journal for this and keep a copy on your computer and backup disc.

Legacy Matters! Pass it on!

Tom Cormier, Co-founder and Legacy Coach 

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